CITY SLANG On Line reviews 

(Spaghetty Town Records)

NYC's dirtiest rockers are back after their explosive first 7" and US tour with another single on Spaghetty Town Records. Two songs in the key of the New York Dolls/The Faces and all that sweet stuff in between we all know and love. Killer title track and an even better B side. This guys really know how to write a good goddamn rocking tune. In my opinion, they are the East Coast version of Dr. Boogie and i'd die to get my hands on a split 7" of these two bands.They are on tour now. If you live in the Midwest you wanna  check them out! 7/7 Dee


Don't let the name of this band fool you. This is High Energy Rock n Roll from Japan for the first time on Savage Magic Records, one of the best independent record labels around that really cares about keeping the flame alive by supporting new bands. They may be from Japan but you can tell right away that they are influenced by all those viking bands we love and worship. These guys have been around for a long long time and they toured all over the globe.  Their main influence is definitely The Hellacopters but there's some other stuff here and there. Some stoner rock, some glam rock, some arena rock, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. If i have to be honest they are all over the place, the record doesn't follow a straight trajectory and it's not something i particularly enjoy but i know that the majority of you guys will find this refreshing so i definitely recommend this record to all y'all.  5/7 Dee


Third Full Length for this young Swedish band that in just few years raised to the top of the new wave of Scandinavian rock n roll bands. This new record has been produced, recorded and mixed but none other that the Swedish King of Rock himself, Mr. Nicke Andersson, and you bet your ass you can tell the difference. Don't get me wrong, these cats already showed some skills and balls on their previous records but here they stepped up to a totally different level. This, my friends, is some serious pro shit. Melodies are their best feature and they have some very interesting guitar licks and solos. They are touring all over Europe right now in support of this new record and if you live nearby one of the cities they are going to play, don't be a fool and go see them.  6/7 Dee

(Heavy Psych Sounds Records)

New Record for Jake "The Preacher" Cavaliere and his band of hooligans that, shocker, is a psychedelic fist right in your face. I liked "Lords take Altamont" but was kinda bummed because it sounded too poppy and the two Stones covers...C'mon. But being a long time fan i knew that good days were coming and it all came back to normal the release day of this very new record. Nothing different or fancy here but straight from the heart RnR with a wall of keys and they start with a ripper such as "Like a Bird" they keep goin on with some catchy tunes such as "Going Downtown" and "Death on the Highway." The wild side of their sound shows itself on the heavier and more psychedelic tunes suck as "Take a Walk" and "(it ain't) Revolution. We have some straightforward garage cuts like "Fever Fix" "i Say Hey" and the closing number "Where did you Sleep" Overall a pretty good album. Could have been recorded better? Yes. Do we care about the lo-fi quality? Not a single damn bit. Pretty solid release and now, as always, let's wait for them to come up here and incinerate the stage of a random Seattle club and witness them deliver a wild show. Highly recommended.  6/7 Dee


Sophomore release for this power hitting combo from Gothenburg that after "The Transcendence" delivers another great record. Man, i'll be honest here, and i'll tell you that i was afraid when i first started listening to this new album because i didn't wanna be disappointed after literally consuming the grooves of their first Lp but i'm so glad they proved me wrong with "Part Human, Mostly Beast." I've listened to this record just a few times, so far, but it grows on my a little bit more each and every time. What we have here are 12 jams that will make your booty shake, if you're into that sort of thing, and bang your head for 46 minutes straight. They start with "Doin' It Again" just to prove my point that they, indeed, did it again and gave us one of the best Rock n Roll records of this decade. "Tail Twister" is my favorite song with a main riff that only the great bands are able to write. Yes, totally a 70's feel and i don't see anything wrong with it. We have a couple of slower cuts "Rymdvals" and "Needle in Your Eye" that are as tasty as a cold glass of sweet tea on a hot summer afternoon. Back on the saddle with "Fly Bird, Fly High" that is a rocking little number well balanced between The MC5 and Skynyrd. But maybe that's just me. "Four Stroke Woman", the second single out of this record, is a life statement in which Jenna tell us all that ladies rock hard too and they don't need no permission to do so. "Coal Burnin'"  slaps you in the face with a wall of fuzz and some killer lead guitar work. they end "Part Human..." with "Electric Eel," first single introduced to us a few months ago, that is nothing shy of a rock and roll anthem and if it came out in the early days of Hard Rock it would make them superstars. Now let's hope the rest of the world realizes that too. You don't have your copy yet? What are you waiting for? Go Now!  7/7 Dee



MÄRVEL - THE HILLS HAVE EYES ( Killer Cobra Records )

The five smell city’s own heroes are back, less than a year after “Hadal Zone Express,” with a new mini album. 6 brand new songs that don’t steer too far from the previous release and have the same feeling. After listening for the first time to the single, “ The Hills Have Eyes” I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled at all but once the record arrived, and I listened to it in its entirety, I was hooked immediately. Goddamn you Swedish people!! There must be something in the water you drink, because it’s almost impossible to believe that every record that comes out your basements, recording studios is a frikkin’ masterpiece. The record starts with “Back In The Saddle”, a majestic rock anthem that will get stuck in your brain forever, in the best way possible. This song is a sort of a statement about the band and how they do their thing. Not that they really need it. These guys are here to stay , and in my book, they will always be at the top. “One Shiny Moment” doesn’t give you a second to think and attacks you with a riff that screams Rock ‘n’ Roll; half way between the sleziest New York side street and a dark and boozed up dark corner of London. And at this point that you find “The Hills Have Eyes” and it all makes sense. A less aggressive sound but with a strong song writing that would make Ennio Morricone proud. Half spaghetti western, half epic 70’s rock with some tasteful leads and licks. And we are only half way through! “Goodbye, Shalom!” and “Bring It On” are two more original numbers that showcase their skills but the real surprise comes when you hear the intro of “L.O.V.E. Machine”, originally written and recorded by W.A.S.P. and that ours truly re-invent in pure Märvel style. I read somewhere that The Vicar is a big fan of that band and they wanted to pay homage to their influences. Good idea, great song. Check out the video too. What else can I say? They did it again. Another fantastic release and I'm already waiting for the next record. Bring it on motherfucker!
-6/7- SeawolfDee


GRANDE ROYALE is back with a new record soon after their incredible “Cygne Noir” and a radical line up change. They got on my radar after watching the video for “Dangerous”, first single off their debut album and I have to say that I was very impressed with the quality of the song but mostly by their very young age. So good and so young? not frikkin fair, man! “No Fuss” keeps the quality bar set pretty high and if you don’t trust me, just go check out the video of “Get Out of My City.” Classic high energy garage rock in your face that, being our heroes from Sweden, will definitely remind you of the other good bands we all love but, like I said some months ago when I was talking about The Empire Strikes from Finland, you don’t write excellent songs if you are not talented yourself. The influences are pretty obvious but these guys have definitely the chops to grow up as a band with a unique sound and they are on the right path. Favorite songs are “Get Your Thrill”, “Omission” and “Sick of It All” where GRANDE ROYALE shows how to write an instant classic in under 4 minutes. They are touring up and down Europe this winter so, if you are over there too, try to catch ‘em live. If you’re not, like myself, just surf the web, check their shop and maybe contact them. They will be happy to know that someone, from the other side of the pond, cares. They are already working on the new album and they should enter the studio sometimes this year and Nicke Andersson himself will be in charge of engineering and production. Curious? I certainly am.
-6/7- SeawolfDee


The Dirge come from Australia. And like a vastitude of other bands from down under, are not here to fool around. Their sound is straight out of the late seventies and combines the Detroit raw sound of The Stooges with the urgency and the impact of The Sex Pistols. 11 songs of abrasive, but still melodic, garage rock and the comparison with Radio Birdman and The Stiches is obvious but not trivial. They wrote this album with the intent of putting together a compilation of perfect punk rock anthems and they definitely hit the target. They don’t stop to punk rock though. I hear other influences especially in “The Hang Around” with its fities flavor and in “Suck It UP” and its bluesy mood a la Bon Scott’s era AC/DC, one of my favorite tracks. They push on the accelerator in a couple of occasions where they add some cow punk to the mix. If I have to pick a favorite tune that you should check out on their band camp, and where you should also go if you wanna buy this records, it has to be “Ooh La La”. Pure ‘77 punk at its best. Now you better get going and check em out because I don’t wanna hear you whine that you missed out on them.
-6/7- DarioBai


As the title of the records suggests, this a mash-up of surf and rock. At first it sounded like a bad idea to me but you know, if you wanna be a good reviewer you have to keep your mind open and accept the challenge even if the record you’re about to listen to, doesn’t fit your criteria of “what is rock?” Happy to tell you that, like many many times before, I was surprised and in a good way. A bit of Ron Ashton’s guitar tone, a lot of reverb, great melodies and a gritty but melodic voice and these three fellas from Holland managed to concoct a new secret rock ‘n’ roll recipe that works very well. The records starts with “Tearing Up The Track” and you immediately have an idea what the next forty minutes are gonna sound like. Or maybe not. Great opening tune with an unexpected intro that sounds like a sitar on acid but that goes straight into their signature sound of hard surf rock and vocals that are heavily influenced by Iggy and Co. We have some classic/non classic surf instrumental numbers till we hit track 5, “Disco De Desbaste 65509” where they manage to mix surf music and Black Sabbath. Genius! and they will give it another try in “Slowburner” with the same quality. My favorite number is, without a doubt, “Eraser” that in pure Radio Birdman style makes you bop your head and tap your foot and I dare you trying not to. Their sound is definitely new and not for everyone but if you wanna try something different and eccentric but with attitude and good song-writing, this record is for you.
-5/7- SeawolfDee

( Self Destructo Records)

I got this record from the nice folks at Self Destructo Records the day I closed the third issue and you have no idea how bummed I was that I couldn’t review it at the time. But since it’s one of my favorite records in the history of ever I decided to put the review on the new number of the ‘zine anyway. Try and stop me! But let’s talk about this little garage gem put out by non other that Jonny Manak, the king of NoCal punk realm, himself. Everything in this record is perfect. The artwork, courtesy of Sean Aaberg of Pork Magazine, it’s the first thing that strikes you. Pure 80’s punk rock revisited. Then the songs; 17 tracks. 15 originals and two covers. The records starts with “Vegass” and “J & D” and the party is already on! Garage punk at its best here with Jonny snotty voice and a great guitar tone that only a Standard Telly and a Fender amp together can give you. Forth song, and first official single, is “Choose my Fate” and here you can tell that these guys like Turbonegro and they pay homage to the Alpha Motherfuckers from Oslo with this fine number of death punk. “Don’t Talk To Me” closes the Cold Pizza side and believe me when I tell you that this cover is definitely as good as the original and it would have made GG Allin proud. “Cold Pizza, Warm Beer” opens the “Warm Beer” side (or it’s just song #9 if you have the CD like I do) in the best way possible and reminds you that the party ain’t over yet. This is a death punk anthem for the new generations. It’s not only about fun and games because with “Money for Free” the band touches some pretty heavy stuff, obviously in their funny way, reminding people what they don’t like about their own country. Time for some more partying and then, BAM! A perfect Radio Birdman cover to send everyone home with a grin on their faces, sure that we will all talk about this party tomorrow. Now, don’t waste any precious time with that oven and go get yourself a copy of “Cold Pizza, Warm Beer.”
-7/7- SeawolfDee

( Self Prod )

High energy Rock’n’Roll from France that will knock your ass to the floor and won’t even apologize for it. The recipe is the usual one; six songs of well executed 90’s Scandinavian rock that reminds me of The Peepshows, one of the greatest and most under rated bands from that era, sprinkled with some ‘Copters “ Disappointment Blues” period and some Gluecifer. Great guitar work and the song writing is not bad either. “Surrender my Love” the opening track is definitely my favorite but overall is an enjoyable record. The only bad thing about it is that the band broke up last summer and that’s a real bummer because I had a good feeling about them and I was kinda looking forward to listen to some new music from these french rockers but don’t despair; looks like something else is already brewing and they will be probably out with a new project in no time. You can still order this EP from their website but that’s pretty much all about you can find around.
-5/7- SeawolfDee

RAZORBATS - CAMP ROCK ( Self Destructo Records )

The Razorbats debut full length Camp Rock on Self Destructo Records is one hell of a rock and roll record from start to finish. With so many bands releasing singles and EPs in this digital era, it's refreshing to hear an album crafted for the full listen from start to finish. The Razorbats specialize in fist pumping, feel good, anthemic, 70's/80's rock and roll (with a splash of punk snarl). The vocals are done well, very catch, hooky and easy to sing along with upon the first listen. Smoking lead guitar licks that aren't too flashy and very tasteful, the bass lines are bouncy adding groove and flair while the drums are hard hitting, solid and done well. It's easy to go overboard with the vocal, bass, guitar and drum parts in this genre and these guys use the fills sparingly. If they do a fill it's not to show off their chops and wank, it's tasteful and more powerful because of it. I'm really enjoying this record, it's well written and arranged. The tones are spot on and the production is on point. Stand out tracks are Planet Riff, Subway Grinder, Internal War and Betty Boop! For fans of Alice Cooper, Sonic Rendezvous Band, Def Leppard, Dead Boys and Motley Crue. Get the record and pitch your tent at Camp Rock!
-6/7- Jonny Manak

DIRTY FENCES - FULL TRAMP ( Slovenly Records )

Dirty Fences are one of my favorite current bands at the moment. While their last full length Too High To Cross seemed to have focused on hyper upbeat garage punk singalongs, Full Tramp picks up there, but seems to branch out a bit more in terms of their sound and tempos. I'm not one for slow songs and there seems to be a fair amount of them on thisrecord, but I tell you what, they're fucking great! I usually skip slow songs on records, but I catch myself singing along by the end of the song. They make the album really flow, so listen from start to finish to get the full effect of this slab. These guys know how to write upbeat, hooky punk and roll and it shows on this record! The fast songs are all barn burners. The songs are well constructed, the riffs are strong, the arrangements are creative, the harmonies are spot on, the tones reflect their influences well. This is a bands band in my opinion. I love picking their songs apart. For fans of Sweet, Cheap Trick, Buzzcocks, Damned, Elvis Costello, The Ramones and the like. They're throwing 70's rock and roll into a blender with 70's pub rock! Go get it!
-6/7- Jonny Manak


When was the last time you saw a “metal” musician wearing a bullet belt? 
Chances are not for a while unless you live in the Netherlands. Here in the US of A genres of music get an average solid lifespan of about 4 years before the second generation of watered down bullshit takes over and eventually drowns them out. The early – earliest founders of what became metal would have to smile if they ever get a chance to listen to the debut album from Night Viper. There's a huge early 80's British metal influence throughout the entire 9-song release. Name it – Priest, Motorhead, Venom and pretty much anything from that family back in the day. I also hear an unmistakable nod to Metallica's Kill 'Em All (which would explain the bullet belts). Reaching back to 80's Seattle “chick-singer metal” there's a similarity to D.C. Lacroix, Litsa Olson of Medusa's powerhouse vocals and some of the north-end thrash we used to listen to at the Skate King on Friday nights. This music is so familiar from my childhood I would have sworn this was some worn out dusty album some metalhead had been storing in the attic the past 30 years but something about it keeps it fresh and honest. The only thing I noticed that's different about these guys from the classics is the music industry hadn't evolved enough back then to have women fronting bands that played such heavy music. It's a brave new world. Night Viper is from Gothenberg Sweden where classic metal, speed metal and thrash continue thrive in a hotbed of local talent fueling the music we here in the States headbanged to 3 decades ago. The band itself has only been around for a year but the core musicians are from heavyweight acts such as Church of Misery, Firebird and Miasmal. The guitars are stripped down to an honest 80's metal tone. No effects, no compression and a mid-gain distortion that pre-dated today's high gain amplifiers. I think that's actually one of the elements I heard that gives the songs such an authenticity of the group's obvious influences. Totally riff oriented, fast chugs swapping solos and abrupt endings – all essential shit for a classic metal guitar duo. Of the nine tunes I spun (another clever reference to old-school vinyl) only Warrior Woman and Curse of a Thousand Deaths were slowed down with smoky atmospheric intros that of course lit up to a 160+ beat per minute shredfest (yes, I actually measure beats per minute). Warrior Woman has a two and a half minute intro with no vocals but makes up for it by shifting gears into a Seek and Destroy-ish riff that carries the tune into another full four and a half minutes of pure riff metal. The solo is very reminiscent the signature riff of the solo in Girlschool's “You Can't Do That” but played with such ferocity it makes you clench your teeth. Faces in the Mirror is straight-up Iron Maiden, it sounds like a bunch of swarming bees and, like all their tunes, ends abruptly – no subtle fade out endings on this album (vinyl reference.) Dagger in Hand is awesome. Probably the slowest tune of the bunch, this one's a sassy little ditty with lyrics “It's time to make a stand. I wait for no command. I got my dagger in hand.” Rob Halford would approve. Night Viper did a small European tour playing The Czech Republic, Denmark and Germany before their first album dropped and is planning another tour for 2016. Up until this point the only song they had released was Wolverine on Metal Riot's Creature Honeymoon Halloween compilation but now you can download all nine tunes off their self-titled debut album. Night Viper is a welcome throw-back that will that immediately knock you back to the days when metal was emerging as a formidable opponent of radio friendly mainstream music. Make no mistake; they aren't just a nostalgia trip, these guys/gals are gaining traction in their homeland and we'll hopefully be hearing much more from them State-side soon. Six out of seven stars on the metal-o-meter, an instant classic.
-6/7- Spot Mandeux

THE LUCKY BOYS - E.P. (Self Prod.)

Seattle’s punk band, The Lucky Boys finally released their first EP CD and they couldn’t have done it in a better way. From the ashes of some of the most influential punk bands of the area (Motherload, Coffin Break and Shit Gets Smashed) The Lucky Boys phoenix arises to bring us some pretty darn good straight to the point, party punk and roll. If I have to throw some names there, I'd definitely compare them to Rezillos and The Dickies, just to name a few, but with a little more aggressive guitar tone, gritty vocals a gang back ups that will make you forget you daily crappy work for a little bit. “Deathwish” and “This Party Starts Now” are the less punk of the lot and they start, with the former, and finish, with the latter, the party with some cool riffs and tons of rock ‘n’ roll attitude. “Invisible” and “Lucky Boy” push you in front of the stage where you won’t be able to do nothing but dance and sing along with Kim and the boys. “Bad As Me” is pure California punk re imagined and delivered in the best way possible by these 4 Seattle punk rock veterans. The E.P. has just been re-released on vinyl as side two of the split 12” with 13Scars and you’ll get double the dose of your daily punk rock fix. I believe there are not a lot of copies around and I suggest you don’t waste any more time and go look for it. RIGHT NOW!
-5/7- SeawolfDee

GO LIKE HELL - MAGGOTS (Go Like Hell Production)

This one is a scorcher. Go Like Hell has always been a face-melting live act. But this release shows some definite chops in the recording department, as well. The title track spews forth from the speakers, with a Motorhead-buzzsaw riff. Anita Rainier's vocal delivery goes straight for your jugular. You will be walking around for days, chanting “Here's to the Maggots….”, joyfully kicking out windows and throwing bottles. Again, I have to say I am really impressed with the overall sound they got on this recording. Chunky. The second song; “Don't Treat Me Like a Fool”, dials down the tempo a little, for some tasty head-bobbing riffage via Elvis Christ and Luvleggs. At first, the layered vocals of the Chorus turned me off. But after a few listens, it all makes sense. Plus, the badass soloing from Elvis Christ saves the day, here. Big sound is the goal, here. And it was met, in spades. “Ronnies Song” is a classic, Eighties-hardcore tinged number about…you guessed it; Ronnie Reagan. This track features Anita's snarling “Hip, hip, hooray's” riding the top of some truly unhinged-sounding guitar breaks. I have to hand it to Dick Whiskey's drumming on this one. He nails it down with a frantic beat. Wrapping up this short-and-not-so-sweet offering is “Only Girl In Town”. It has a definite Damned-like creepy intro, with toy-piano and a repeating line of “I've got a secret, that I want to tell you…” that could easily be Captain Sensible's voice, if you didn't know better. A cautionary warning about “that girl” who usually gets all the naughty boys' attention, it puts the final nail in a gloriously decadent baby-sized coffin of badassery. Hopefully, we will be hearing a full-length in the near-future, of similarly-penned and executed tunes from this Pacific Northwest-based band of sickos.
-6/7- Jake Hamilton


Some Bands wear their influences on their sleeve. ISE is definitely one of these bands. In some cases that can be a very good thing, and in the case of ISE it is. They manage to combine what's good about current rock’n’roll and mix it with classic 70's style smooth pop and come up with great guitar based rock that reminds you at times of the Raspberries or Big Star. Most of the 12 tracks on this release follow that tried an true formula but there are a few surprises. One is the song “Walk On By” it has a slow moody vibe and sounds like it could have been on The Bands Last Waltz soundtrack, (look it up Kids!) Overall this is a solid release “Just Let Me Know” is a great track as is the opening track. The only thing that is troubling is that there are no real standout songs. If you are a Hellacopters fan or an Imperial State Electric fan you will dig this, if not, it might be a tough listen.
-5/7- Chopper McCulloch

KING MASTINO - SAIL AWAYRetro Vox / Strange Magic Records / Ghost Highway Recordings )

It’s obvious that, it doesn’t matter what they do, these guys can’t do no wrong even if they try. It’s also established that they are now part of that elite of bands, mostly from Sweden, that don’t miss a hit. “Sail Away” KING MASTINO’s four studio album is without a doubt their best. They reached that level of maturity that makes a good band a top band and all the good reviews are getting lately are well deserved. The formula is pretty much the same they used to write and arrange “We Refuse To Sink” but with the new record, the sound (once again they recorded at the excellent T.U.P. Studio) has been improved and refined with the use of some keys here and there. When I got my advanced copy I was speechless. This record sounded more mature, if I’m allowed to used this term in rock ‘n’ roll, and the song writing improved exponentially. The lyrics are not just mere entertainment. They all tell a story. Stories of broken hearts, wrong choices and voyages. Stories of the life of 4 sailors and their adventures on the road where they spread the gospel of Rock ‘n’ Roll to a always increasing horde of fans. Retrovox pressed a very special limited edition CD that comes in a tin can and includes an alternative front cover, a limited edition poster and a patch and it looks like a million bucks. Strange Magic is gonna release it here in the States and that means that now, you have no excuses so go on, buy your copy and witness the magic.
-6/7- SeawolfDee

YOU KNOW WHO - YOU KNOW YOUSelf Destructo Records )

Self Destructo does it again with this new record from You Know Who, power trio from Palm Desert, CA that will please all you stoner and thrashers out there. They are kinda of a super group, active since 2009, with members of The Dwarves, Mondo Generator and Excel and after reading this list you’ll get the influences but they add more. The seventies is where they get their inspiration from but it’s definitely the Bay Area sound of the 80’s, like in the opening number “Napoleon Blown Apart” and “Wastoid” (definitely their best tune here) that forged their sound. Let it simmer with some desert sound and a lot of old school California punk attitude to obtain their delicious spicy hot sauce. A very special guest, John Garcia sings on “Save me Jebus” helping Mike Pygmie (vocals, guitar) on vocals duty. The instrumental “Cobra Twist” showcases their skills on their instruments with an unexpected arabic music flavored intro and some cool metal progressions. “BaBaDuhBah” and “Whoa Dude” hit you in the face with some killer riffs and a little Sabbath in the background. Back to punk and hardcore with “Chinese Shoes” and at the end of the song you’ll find yourself soaked in sweat for moshing by yourself in your bedroom. A piano intro welcomes you to the last track of this “You Know Who” experience but boom! an even taller wall of guitars is there to rip your face off and take your final breath out of your chest. No time to waste with that bong, dude. It’s time to go back into the mosh-pit!
-6/7- Back Jurton


This is one of those records that made me fall in love with music all over again. I have to thank my pal Cliff for this cause he introduced me to Dr. Boogie when I was looking for new bands for the ‘zine. I Listened to some stuff online and I liked their sound right away. I contacted them through their website asking if they were down for a quick mini interview and Jeff, the bass player, wrote me back almost immediately with a yes for an answer. He also told me they were ready to put out their new record and, at the time, it was still top secret that Dead Beat Records had signed them so I had to promise not to share this info with the world and they sent me a super secret advanced copy of their brand new 8 song Mini LP “Gotta Get Back to New York City” and I couldn’t believe what I was listening to. This is a game changer my friends. The junkshop glam revival is certainly a thing all over the world now but never I've heard a band playing it so well and adding to that sound some other influences making this record one of the best of the year. Put together The Rolling Stones, a little of The New York Dolls, The Faces and The Black Crowes and you’ll get what I'm talking about. The title track opens the album and you are transported immediately to Max’s Kansas City and the guitars attack with an hell of a riff that reminds me of the best Thunders and the chorus grabs you by the ears and never lets you go. A little more New York style rawk in “Cut at the knees” and the transformation to a hard hitting Rock ‘n’ Roll machine start with “Down this Road.” We go on with “Really Good Feelin” and “Queen of the Street” where the mix of souther flavored rock and British invasion gets perfected. “Together” is in my opinion the best song on the album where Chris voice gets that Rod Stuart growl that I love and the whole band sounds tight, like the best Rolling Stones you could possibly imagine. The solo is simple but tasteful and goes wonderfully with that organ in the background. “Life on the Breadline” follows the same path and they take the game home with “Personal Matter” another home run. The thing that I like the most of “Gotta Get Back to New York City” is, without any doubt, the production. They have a full sound with a lot of horns, keys, harmonica but it’s not over powering and the songs still sound good and not heavy. Well done boys! Can’t wait for the new one already.
-7/7- SeawolfDee

DEAD LORD - HEADS HELD HIGH ( Century Media Records )

All record collectors have the same problem. They want all the records but sometimes you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and you’ll never find that ultra rare picture disc 7” of your favorite band and you have to let it go. And then there are some records that you are meant to have, especially if you randomly find a copy at the Marche De Puces in Paris the day the band is in town for a show. You dig? I didn’t make it to the show but I sure bought that copy of “Heads Held High” on vinyl and I was bummed that I couldn’t listen to it right away because you know; you’re on the road and your iPad doesn’t really play wax. So I had to wait patiently to get back to Seattle and then I was finally able to listen to it and let me tell you something. The wait was worth it. Their sophomore album is an excellent record, first one on a major label for Dead Lord, for these four rockers from Sweden. “Heads Held High” is unashamedly reminiscent of Thin Lizzy, and the band makes no apologies for it. Not the first band from that country that is completely devoted to Phil Lynott and Co. and like for Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker, the results are top notch. The record is also reminiscent of classic material from legends such as Uriah Heep, Bad Company and Led Zeppelin. That’s where they influences are but there’s more to add to that. Starting from the openin track “Farewell” till “With Head Held High”Hakim’s voice is warm and suits perfectly the guitar work that he does together with Olle. They rip on those six strings and they play off each other in an incredible way.
-6/7- SeawolfDee

GIUDA - SPEAKS EVIL ( Burning Heart Records )

GIUDA is back with their third album and the Giuda Horde couldn’t get a better present than “Speak Evil.” Finally, what we all were hoping for this band came true and the reborn Burning Heart Records from Sweden signed them and made them probably the most successful band that came out of Italy in a very, very long time. I was afraid about maybe some drastic and un-welcomed changes in their sound due to the fact that now they had to answer to a legit record label but this wasn’t the case. Well, they changed sound a little but change is not unwelcome at all. This new and improved version of Giuda is ready to kick your ass with this record and they demonstrate that right from the start with “Drop The Ball”, instant anthem for all the bovver rock fanatics out there. First era AC/DC riffs, foot stomping grooves and catchy clever but funny lyrics on this opening number. They get a little sweeter with “It Ain’t Easy” where they finally surrender to their inner Slade. And Slade is a band that will come up often in your thoughts while listening to “Speaks Evil” and I don’t have any problem with that and you should not too. They make no mystery about liking old Junkshop/Glam bands and that was their thing from day one and now guys, they are at a point where this became their own sound. Some Sweet influences emerge on a couple of songs (”You Can Do Everything and “Jooltz”) where melodies take over and Tenda’s voice becomes the main focus. They are a perfect rock ‘n’ roll band and whatever they write, it sound like a million buck. Especially if they keep writing songs like “Bad Days Are Back”, “Working Class Man” and “My Lu.” They are coming to the west coast for the first time ever for the annual Punk Rock Bowling next may and there are rumors about a possible west coast tour planned around it. I can’t frikkin’ wait! Forza Roma!
-6/7- SeawolfDee

THE RAMBLES - S/T ( self Prod )

Germany is always on top of the game when it’s about new rock ‘n’ roll bands. There are so many under rated bands there that struggle to get noticed and that just plain sucks. The Rambles are one of those bands. They released this new EP not a long time ago after they went silent for a while and I'm glad they didn’t give up because, man, they know how to deliver the goods. I can hear a lot of different influences here that go from that kind of rock that is best played in northern Europe down to some stoner rock. “Up From Below” reminds me of the best Danko Jones and that’s a good surprise. Just in case you were wondering if these guys like The ‘Copters here’s “Cloudy Days Prevail” with their version of what High Visibility should sound like and I dig it a lot. More Scandinavian rock with “A Fall From Grace” and “Unwind Escape Action” were they combine melodies and some “in your face” riffage like only the best bands around can. “Liberated” closes the EP with some shredding and more of those melodies that these guys manage to write and carry out like champs. Definitely a pleasant surprise these Rambles and records like these remind me of why I like digging and searching for new acts on the net. Remember kids, your new favorite band is just a couple of clicks away.
-5/7- SeawolfDee


Angela and Johnny Yeager are a force of nature that never stops. They are in love with music and every different aspect of the creating/recording/performing process. So what do a couple like this do when their old band is on an indefinite hiatus? Simple. They put together a new one and in less then six months they release a record. And of course not a crappy one. We are talking about primal garage punk played by a two piece at its finest. Only seven songs but they are all keepers. As usual, Johnny’s voice sounds great and his guitar parts are of te same high quality he showed us with Ironhead. Angela’s drumming is quite good as well so forget the comparison with White Stripes; this lady can actually play and pounds on those skins like there’s no tomorrow. In all honesty I'm not a huge fan of two piece bands except for a couple of them; One is definitely Hopeless Jack and you can bet your skinny ass that the other one is Zodiac Panther! The opening number “So Sick Of Your Face” welcomes you with a frantic and hypnotic garagey riff that goes on in a loop and Johnny taunts you from beyond the microphone until they slam you in the face with “D.D.T.” and “Your Love is Like a Funeral” with their punk rock drive and poignant lyrics. They keep the same pace with “I Really Don’t Think So” where They sing about their life spent entirely in the rock ‘n’ roll universe. With “Total Waste of My Time” they you there, in The Ramones realm. Johnny (Ramone) would have hated it. Because it’s good and he didn’t write it. Back to some garage fueled duo rock with “Do It Right Now”. Killer solo too. “Five Years Ahead Of My Time“ is the track that closes the first, and hopefully not last, Zodiac Panthers’ record on the same good level as the rest of the songs. But like I said, they can’t stop and they already put together another band and I'm pretty sure it will be another score. You’ll read about them on the next issue for sure. in the meantime, go get this one. Satisfaction guaranteed.
-6/7- SeawolfDee

FLEXX BRONCO - VOLUME 3 ( Self Destructo Records )

Top fuel riff-rock with a tablespoon of punk and a dash of Fuck You- Flexx Bronco is the real deal if you like your music energized. This is not something you listen to through your Beatz headphones, this is what you crank in your car stereo and drive 110 MPH to. First of all, a band whose members have names like Eroc, Guy Thunderbird, Thor Bigsby and Filthy must have something basass going on. Their music has elements of bands like Nashville Pussy, Zeke, The Unband, the Subways – straight up stripped down raw rock with bad intentions. Home for these guys is San Francisco and they're a big deal in their local scene. They've played a handful of national shows over the past several years proving their songs and live show kick ass even without the support of their regular fans. I got the chance to preview some of their new stuff coming out real soon and I'm digging it. The song Nightmare starts out with a phone conversation monolog “[she says] …you said hold on,”” I gotta get a cab”” and you fucking hung up on me . [he laughs] yeah, well I don't remember that. [she says] Nobody fucking hangs up on me, I need to see you. [he says] Uhhhh no, I don't think that's a good idea.” Then straight into a “Love Gun(ish”) intro that sets up a pumped up” Beating Around the Bush(ish)” riff with lyrics about a chick wanting to stab her boyfriend. Brilliant. Deadman goes in a totally different direction. The intro sounds like some of the early Green River tunes right down to the tone of the guitar and the second half of the verse almost has a Scorpions' Coast to Coast thing going on that drives it in a lumbering straight line unlike the rest of FB's stuff and that's smart because it shows they have that diversity in a tight genre. My fave was Blondetouage. Right into the rush from the first note, no drawn out intro. The guitar work is cool – Frehley/Chuck Berry/Rick Neilson leads, a nice deep pocket in first part of the verses and vast dropouts in the choruses. “Not your soldier boy, not your plastic toy.” All-in-all some very well structured songs delivered with a tight ferocity. These guys must have a relentlessly brutal live show. Flexx Broncc dropped the new CD with two back-to-back bay area shows in late November. They do shows up and down the California coast so get on their FB page or official website and start bugging them to head north and play Seattle. The Pacific Northwest could use a kick in ass by a band such as this.
-6/7- Spot Mandeux


New album for the new queen of blues music that it turned out to be not a blues album like you would expect. Let me state something right away by saying that this record will disappoint her old fans because is nothing like the first two releases. I had a feeling something was up when I saw her band a year ago at Hwy 99 and they closed the show with “Whole Lotta Rosie” and Matt Hill, also her partner in life, dove into a ripping final solo that would have made uncle Angus proud. If you think that is a problem you should close this ‘zine and ask yourself what’s wrong with you. Anyway, the record starts with the title track and its pretty much what you would expect; a classic blues song with autobiographical lyrics, if you don’t pay attention to the guitar tone that screams rock! not even a second to think and “Oh My” starts and you are catapulted into Nikki Hill new world of bluesy rawk‘n’ roll. This song is also her tribute to the late Nick Curran. “Struttin’” has a progression and a couple of little guitar tricks that will get stuck in your head and they will never go away; especially if you’re a guitar player. Like they say: “you can take a southern girl out of the south but you can’t take the south out of a southern girl” and “(Let Me Tell You About) LUV” and “Hot Shot” are here to prove it. The girl grew up right and now her love for The Rolling Stones and Black Crowes took over her songwriting. Her voice got a little smokey too (you should be used to it if you like Howlin’ Wolf like I do) and this fits her new found territory. Who’s complaining? Not this guy for sure. Some more classic and tasteful blues with “And I Wonder” and “Nothin’ with you” till we get to “Scratch Back” where the band unleash their inner Little Richard. They close the album with Sam Cooke’s “Twistin’ the Night Away” that start slow and groovy but speeds up a couple of times and ends with damn fine work on that six string. Think about this song as their own personal Freebird if you like. I do, the same way I like this album. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of “Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists” and the tomorrow is gonna be a better day.
-6/7- SeawolfDee


Like the title clearly states, St. Loius own party Vikings are back with a (gang ) bang. 100% anti politically correct punk rock. They channeled the best G. G. Allin, Turbonegro, Antiseen, The Dwarves, The Meatmen and some old school hardcore in these 13 new songs. Every detail has been cured to the extreme; from the super detailed artwork (it will take you hours to look at the 12” gatefold cover and spot all the little details on it), to the pink granite vinyl and the lyrics. Songs about sex, more sex, wrestling and even more sex shouted by Gaius Julius Sensei Almighty in the most unapologetic way possible. The lyrics of “I’ll Fuck You ‘Till You Love Me Faggot” are credited to none other than Mr. Mike Tyson himself and like the champ, they will knock your ass out without any remorse. I remember seeing these guys ages ago during their European tour in the worst club possible (I believe it was an abandoned ex train station converted by some punks into a “club”) and then I heard they broke up and formed another band, World Police. Glad to see them back because their old songs were great, the show was killer and the two half naked go go dancers were very easy on the eyes. Self Destructo, as always, picked up another great band and this record is a true testimonial of their debauchery.
-5/7- SeawolfDee

SONS OF A BEACH - SOABOLOGYGo Down Records / Escape From Today Records)

Probably you didn’t know this but Stoner Rock is kinda of a big deal in Italy. First of all, there’s one of the best stoner/rock and roll independent labels in the world (Go Down Records) and second; there’s a ton of good bands: OJM, Ufomammut and El-Thule just to name a few. To this list I'd definitely add S.O.A.B. with their desert rock sound. I was lucky enough to see them live last summer and let me to tell you, they are great. The rhythm section, Blackie and Marco, is solid like granite, the singer Marcello (he also plays synth on some songs) delivers a powerfull performance both on record and live. But their secret weapon is without a doubt their guitarist Tony. He’s the ultimate riff machine and shreds like there’s no tomorrow. Together they deliver a real tasty mix of desert and souther rock that I've never witnessed before. Imagine Kyuss and Zakk Wylde’s Pride & Glory combined and you’ll get the gist of what I'm trying to say. “Nightwatcher” the opening track doesn’t even give you the time to breath for how tight their wall of sound is. 7 minutes of pure joy. Yes 7 minutes. Too long? Give it a try, believe me you won’t regret it. “Dust in Throat” is a pure gem of swamp rock that reminds me of Five Horse Johnson and Gideon Smith. “The Bridge is Bending Down” takes you back to the desert on a dusty highway and you’ll be happy to be there and just chill under that wide open sky sipping a beer and listening to “Interlude.” But it’s already time to get back in the van. full speed ahead when “Wheels on Fire” and “Lonliness of Broken Riders” blast from the stereo Hermano style. “Where Are We Gong?” closes the record and it’s time to come back from your trip but don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to crack open another cold one, have a couple of puffs and space out. It’d be great if a record label here in the US would pick ‘em up and press “Soabology” for the American market. Yes, I'm looking at you Small Stone Records!
-6/7- DarioBai


This was one of those records I was waiting for, avidly. I’m not gonna lie. I had some doubts they could top or get even remotely close to “Lights Out” but I had to admit that I was gladly surprised by the quality of “Innocence & Decadence.” It’s a classy hard blues album with all the right nuances and touches in the right spot but, at the same time, they took some risks and in more than one occasion when they put the pedal to the metal, like at the end of “Magnetic Shunk,” you’ll find yourself asking: “What the hell am I listening to?” Answer? A great retro rock album, that’s what it is. One of the things I like the most about Swedish bands is that they never stop learning and improving. They add something new on every new record because they evolve and the sounds changes with them. We still have that sweet Sabbath/Blue Cheer feeling but in this records they explore different sides of that vast universe that 70’s rock was. They are not afraid of slowing it down a little in “Exit 97” and “Too Much is not Enough” and the results are phenomenal. The guitars are still the main focus in this band and you can hear them roar in “From a Hole in The Wall” and “Hard-Headed” and then pay tribute to Hendrix in “Never Theirs to Sell” and “Cause & Defect.” Over all is a great album and you definitely wanna check it out if you are a fan but it’s also a good introduction to their world if you haven’t heard about them before until you witness their full potential that comes out during their live shows.
-6/7- SeawolfDee

(Napalm Records )

And we have finally arrived at what I consider the best album that came out in 2015. “The Transcendence” by Honeymoon Disease is, in my book, the best damn thing that came out off Sweden since “By the Grace of God.” Like in 2002, when The Hellacopters released that album, I found myself staring at my stereo in disbelief. When “Higher” started I couldn’t believe that finally another band was channeling the greatness of the late 60’s and the 70’s on a new piece of wax. Jenna’s voice made me literally fall on my knees (and I’m not supposed to do that, I'm too old for that shit) and Acid’s guitar tone made my blood boil. The rhythm section is always spot on and Nick and Jimi provide the perfect backbone to all the 11 songs that appear on the record. Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, a touch of Runaways and some old Aerosmith are the names that come to mind while listening to this band. Songs like “Stargazer” and “Gotta Move” are perfectly arranged and bent to take you back to the shiny glory of the good ol’ days where there was nothing better than a full stack of Marshall amps on stage and a keg of beer stashed in the back of your ride in the parking lot, outside of the rock show, and share it with your buddies. And it’s not over yet because great songs just keep coming one after another. “You’re Too Late” is a less than two and half minute barroom boogie, but it’s incessantly superb and “Breakup” it’s nothing short of a first class instant classic. The initial riff and scream at the beginning of “Fast Love”, already featured on their first single, set the mood on “party hard” and the song manages to be dirtier than its title suggests – and when Jenna sings that “this is gonna get wild” you just say Hell yeah!! Without a doubt, my favorite cut together with “Brand New Ending” both guitar driven and with some inspired vocals melodies.
The album concludes with “Keep Me Spinning” which, after borrowing the opening chords of Aerosmith’s “Mama Kin”, gets retro bonus points for a swirling Hammond Organ. They may not invented the wheel but with The Transcendence these guys and gals reached the status of rock ’n’ roll knights from the start and it can only get better. Definitely on my bucket list of bands to see live, once they decide to cross the pond, and maybe share the stage with. You just go check ‘em out and see what yourself if the Seawolf lost his mind or this is actually the future or rock ‘n’roll. I’d bet on the latter if I were you.
-7+/7- SeawolfDee

LOVESORES / BORN LOOSE - Split 7" ( Catastrophe Records )

Ah The Lovesores! I love this guys. I like them on record but if you get the best experience you have to see them live. I had the opportunity to play with them a couple of times and the last time we shared the stage was in Portland and I managed to sneak a copy of this new, at least at the time, 7” split with Born Loose. A new original tune “Cross-eyed Cat” and a Candy Snatchers’ cover “Nightcrawler” for them and ,as usual, the results are great. First class punk and roll at its best. Same formula of an original and a cover for Born Loose band that, I have to be honest, was a total surprise to me. Never heard of them before (I know, what a looser!) and I'm glad I fixed this mistake. Right before releasing their latest album and flying over to Europe for some touring, they join forces with Mr Drake and Co. New York City's finest punk here and with "Whiskey Holiday" a pure sonic debauchery featuring Suke's smoking lead guitar and a signature fire-and-fury vocal from Mr. Larry May they assault your hears and take no prisoners. But they don’t stop here and then boldly tears into The Humpers classic "Fast, Fucked & Furious". It takes some big balls to cover this song, and almost any other band would fail miserably. But Born Loose is not any other band, and they absolutely kill it with their version! Match made in heaven? I don’t know about that but what I know is that this 7” is absolutely great and you deserve a copy too.
-5/7- SeawolfDee

BLOODLIGHTS/DIETER JACKSON - Split 7" ( JanmlRecords )

This small independent record label from Germany never seize to impress me and they should be very proud of this little gem they just put out. Two among the best punk/ punk and roll bands of northern Europe. We all know that Bloodlights are Captain’s Poon (Gluecifer) new baby and right before their new album came out, they released a couple of numbers on this fine piece of wax. “A Little Too Much”, in pure Gluecifer style, opens their side and reminded me of how much I miss his old band. To me, the Captain’s tone and riffage has always been their trademark and, on top of that, he sings in a way that makes this rocker a real deal full package. Great tune. After these 2 minutes they turn off the amps and go unplugged with an acoustic version of “Shit for Gold”, from their record “Stand or Die”, where the wall of guitars steps aside to leave room to some Americana- Country style goodness. On the flipside we find Dieter Jackson at the top of their game. I admire the way they combine pop punk with pure rock a la AC/DC and “Deliverance” is a perfect example of that with its simple and straight forward riff. “No Disease” is another perfect rock anthem that pays homage to the Kings of Rock and it would have made Biff Malibu proud.
-6/7- DarioBai

HOBOS/BORDER BASTARD - Split 7" ( Kornalcielo Records & Booking )

New release for the nice folks at Kornalcielo Records an I'm always excited and a little scared when they put out a new record. They are the voice of the underground and the underdogs and quite often they release records that are not for everyone. They like extreme music and weird mash-ups in general (if you remember Destroy All Gondolas and their brutal surf sound, you know what I'm talking about) and here they are with another one of those records. Hobo is a punch right in the mouth and if you like Ride the Lightining era Metallica, Venom and Motorhead, these guys are for you. Full Throttle Thrash no remorse core for you. Did I mention that they sing in Italian too? I know. it sounds weird but believe me, it works. On the other side we find Border Bastard that deliver two new songs in pure Death Alley Zeke style. Fast and Loud rock ‘n’roll for all you headbangers out there that prefer volume and shredding to melodies. As always, well done boys!
-5/7- DarioBai

THE NUTS - MENTAL CASE 7" ( Monster Zero )

New pop punk band from Italy for all you Ramones core fanatics out there. 4 songs of pure and unadulterated punk rock with The Muffs and The Queers as main reference especially in the melodies and the guitar sound. Monster Zero Records from Holland picked up the tab for the release of the 7” and if you look carefully to the line notes on the record sleeve you realize that this is an international joined venture with the best of the best from the European punk rock scene that came together to give us “Mental Case” and that should tell you something about how fast THE NUTS raised to the status of cool band. Saw them live last summer during my Italian expedition together with TEMPORAL SLUTS ( their latest single will be reviewed right after this one) and I enjoyed their set quite a lot. Go to your local punk rock record store and ask them to get you a copy. You won’t regret it.
-5/7- DarioBai

TEMPORAL SLUTS - COSMOCRACY 7" ( Mental Beat Records )

I know I know. I’ve said this before; when you think about Lake Como, punk rock is not the first thing that comes to your mind but believe me, they know a thing or two about it over there, in the land of silk and pesit. Temporal Sluts have been rocking since 1995, if you got this far on this issue of the ‘zine you might already read about them and their saga. Cosmocracy is their brand new single: two songs of fast and furious guitar driven punk rock. If you like 70s rock'n'roll à la Saints, Radio Birdman or 90s punk rawk in the vein of New Bomb Turks and The Humpers, you're gonna love this record and I dig them even more with the new line up. They sound tighter than ever and they show what they are capable of, right from the start with the title track. On side B we have “Rum Dark Room” and the music doesn’t change much; more kick ass punk and roll deliciousness topped with some piano courtesy of Massi from The Leeches. He told you he was in the band but you didn’t believe him, right? Too bad for you! Two versions of this record are out so it’s up to you if you wanna grab the Italian press or the Uk one as long as you get off your ass and get a copy. You’ll thank me later.
-6/7- DarioBai

NIGHT VIPER - NIGHT VIPER 7" (Svart Records)

It happens rarely that we review two different records from the same band on one issue but how could you not if the band we are talking about is NIGHT VIPER? I asked Spot to review their new CD because I know he would dig them but I kept the 7” for myself, even if it’s a little dated, because those were the first two Night Viper’s songs I've came across and they impressed me. At that point I decided I had to write something about these guys. I don’t often brag about how much I like classic heavy metal because there are not many modern bands (except Monolith, Zero Down and Savage Master) left that devoted their image and sound to the glory days of leather, spikes and chains so it warms my old bones finding a new one once in a while. Both 7’ and full length have the same title that is also the name of the band. Pretty sure is the same recording too but who cares when you have a song like “Night Viper”? 3 minutes and 28 seconds of pure classic ‘80s metal like only Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and First period Metallica used to do, all topped by Sofie-Lee’s mesmerizing deep voice. With “Chainbreaker” on Side B the band brings some Sabbath into the already perfect equation and take home the prize for one of the best debut 7” I can remember. Only 600 copies pressed and I have no idea how many are left around. let the hunt begin
-6/7- SeawolfDee


After a couple of full lengh albums under their belt, Sweden new sensation STARS OF THE SILVER SCREEN get some love from outside the borders of their beloved country and struck a deal with upcoming and rising German label JanML Records for the release of their first vinyl single “Shit Out of Luck.” three new songs for them with all the right ingredients for a delicious and successful recipe. Less know than other Swedish band, S.O.T.S. have nothing to fear because I'm pretty sure they’ll get noticed soon because what they propose here it’s very interesting. Imagine The Ramones but with the addition of a lead guitarist. Or if you prefer, an harder version of The Devildogs. Punk rock mixed with some rock ‘n’ roll is basically what I'm hearing here. On Side A we have “Wanna Go Home” a solid Scandinavian rock number with some cool leads and a devilish hook that, yes, will get stuck in your skull for the rest of your days. On Side B “Don’t Touch (My R’n’R)” and “You Gotta Pay” that remind me of the early raw Hellacopters, but with a better production, combined with The Bones with the difference that K. J. Starr is a way better singer than Beef. This 7” arrived at the very last minute and I'm happy that I had time and some extra room on this issue for them. We all need to keep an eye on them, they might be onto something good.
-5/7- SeawolfDee

AA.VV - HERE'S FIFTY BUCKS ( Rocketdog Records )

This is a 19 track compilation put together by Rocketdog Records owned by Tony Slug of the Nitwitz/Hydromatics fame. Mostly previously unreleased material from the likes of The Hellacopters (an unreleased and wild live version “Oh Hey”), The Powdermonkeys (with an amazing cover of The Sick Things’ classic “I Like Pills”) Pleasure Fuckers, Nitwits, Gluecifer, Puffball, Turpentines, Jeff Dahl, Cellophane Suckers, Candy Snatchers, Union69, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs and some other less known high energy rock ‘n’ roll combos from all over the world. This is how Tony Himself described it: “This is the ultimate soundtrack to that beating you took as a kid. A full blast ROCK assault released on my own RocketDog label in 2004, after 4 years of toiling and scrounging for spare change between the seams of my beat up couch to finance it. There's not one stinker in the bunch folks. The mindboggling artwork by Vince Ruarus is a feast to behold (wait til you see the inlay), and you get an international cast of first class miscreants who shell out copious amounts of whomp the way you like I.” And he’s right on every front. Especially about the amount of rock displayed here and the incredible artwork. This is the same guy that did the Withe Barons cover artwork that I reviewed on the last issue and if you remember how impressed I was, you’ll get how good this record looks like. A good compilation to remember how good those bands were and maybe it’ll make you dust your record player, some of those albums that you jealously keep on that shelf in your music room and in a corner of your heart.
-5/7- SeawolfDee

ZEKE - KICKED IN THE TEETH ( Epitaph Records )

What the hell can you really say other than it's god damn ZEKE. 17 tracks of colossal speed and supreme grit. This release follows up on the tried and true ZEKE tradition of unrelenting power chords and hooks-a-plenty. Frantic enough to keep punk fans happy and heavy and groovy enough in places to keep the rock-n-rollers tapping their toes. Stand out tracks to these ears are Porked, Telepath Boy, Twisted and who can't not like a supercharged cover version of the KISS classic Shout It Out Loud? I know I can't. Yeah, it's all been done before, Yeah, it's not Lords Of The Highway but it's god damn ZEKE and it's good!
-6/7- Beaver Bobko

Thank god for “Hey baby, let’s re-arrange our record collection” weekends! That’s when me and my better half purge our ridiculous amount of records we don’t want anymore and start making piles and usually it goes like this: Pile #1 CD we wanna keep; Pile #2 CD we wanna download and get rid of; Pile #3 “What the hell is this thing? Baby wanna listen to some “new” stuff?” I'm pretty sure you are smart enough to figure out by yourself that this record was in the third one. Never heard of THEE EMERGENCY before, except reading their name on some old flyers, and I always felt like they had a pretty lame name but, while I was pondering if toss it or not, I decide to check em out on the interweb and the first that strikes my attention is the name of the guitar player that has “Sonic” in between his first and last name. Like Fred Smith? Hell to th Yeah! At that point, I was already sold. I put the record on, the first song starts and is love at first listen. There are only 4 songs on this mini EP but they are plenty to represent their sound. At the end they don’t really sound like the Mc5, except maybe for “The Dope Song” with its hypnotic single chord verse, but they are more of a mix of garage, Detroit proto punk and some new wave (or post punk, or call it whatever you want) in the way Dita sings. The thing that I like the most about this is the song writing that is absolutely perfect. Flaming solos, tasteful melodies and backing vocals that are not overpowering always in the right spot. The quality of the recording is not that great but like every other small band on the frikkin planet that is struggling to keep it going, budget is always a bitch. I believe they disbanded a while ago but all my attempts of finding more about their whereabout has been unproductive. If you know them and have some more news, please let us know or tell them we want more from THEE EMERGENCY!
-6/7- Back Jurton



Wild Honey Records )

Keeping a band together for twenty years playing Rock ‘n’ Roll, in these age of instant gratification and short attention span, ain’t an easy task. A lot of bands tried but only a handful of them succeed. The Peawees are definitely in the latter group. They are, without any doubt, part of the European Punk and Rock ‘n’ RollRoyalty and what better way to celebrate their well earned status then a double LP compilation of their best work? Wild Honey Records accepted the challenge to compile and press this compendium of Peawees’ best cuts from their 5 full length and a number of singles and split 7” they released since they started in 1995, that is close to infinite. What you have here is not a tribute to a folding career or a good bye. These guys have no intention to call it quits any time soon. On the contrary, they are here to shout out loud that they are alive and kickin’ and that they are ready for the next twenty years to come. The first track is “ Road to Rock ‘n’ Roll” from their third album “Dead End City” and that set the mood to Party On right from the bat. After that there are 26 more tracks that showcase what these cats can do. You will hear all their influences that over the years went from The Clash and Social Distortion to The Sonics and The Mowtown sound. Herve’ is a great song writer and his lyrics are always spot on and have only improved over the years. One of my favorite songs is “Cause you don’t know me” that brings back good memories of all those trips down to La Spezia to attend a show at the best rock club in the world. “Food For My Soul” and “Diggin’ The Sound” show their new sound and the tasteful use of horns and keys. The songs are not in chronological order and I think it was a good choice. Like at a party you wanna be surprise with the next tune and dance your ass off, right? If you are a die hard fan you probably have all their records already but, if you’ve have never heard of them, you definitely wanna check this out. - 6/7 -  DarioBai



( Revox USA )

Tacoma ,WA is not very often in the news for happy reasons. Especially when it’s about music we are talking about. Something very strange had to happen to set the record straight. Something like a band like The Sonics, out of the loop for the last four decades that suddenly is reborn and gets back on stage. Not only that. They actually had so much fun that they decided, 48 years after the release of their first record "Here are the Sonics,” to give it another try and cut some new tracks and " This is The Sonics" came to life. What to expect from a band that broke up in the sixties? A band that was at the top of the charts and defined a new genre, a life time ago? Well, I don't know what you were expecting but i was pumped, especially after listening to " Black Betty " the first single. It was like time stopped for this youngsters. They put out an almost perfect album with a bunch of killer original tunes and some covers, in pure Sonics' style. They version of Willie Dixon’s " You can't judge a book by the cover" is refreshing. But it’s not the only cover on this record that gets that rejuvenating treatment. “Look at Little Sister”, “The Hard Way” and “Leaving Here” all sound better than ever after they dissected and re-arranged them. The closing number, “Save the planet” another great original, summarizes the band’s grizzled, miraculous resurrection in the best way possible. Welcome back kids! - 6/7 -  SeawolfDee


( Dvl Dischi Vololibero )

This is music to have sex to, especially if you like putting your back into it. The Crooks have been around since the late 90's and are the first and last word in “Atomic Punk” in Milan (that's Italy to you and me). This is straight out of the gate, four on the floor, 160 beats per minute soaked with sweat damn the torpedoes punk rock. Their influences are kind of spread out across the globe but you'll hear a lot of the CBGB east coast era in a most of what they do. The Crooks are not an idle band - they have four full-length CDs, some singles, three 

EPs, appear on a handful of compilation albums and have toured all over Europe. Their latest release is a 4-song EP called “Fifteen Wasted Years” and is being released on colored vinyl which immediately makes them cooler than most. I listened to all four tunes and heard so many influences in my wheelhouse in the first song, by the second track I scouring the internet looking for more information on these guys, by the third song I was a fan. The cut “PPS” is a total Pistols tune but the chorus has an xylophone in it – who the does that? So damn weird it's brilliant. The intro to “Who Knows” has kinda of a Thin Lizzy thing going on then it turns into an all-out Stooges song. “The Way I Want” is Social Distortion, Angry Samoans, Green Day, Ramones – take your pick, they're all in there. My personal favorite is “The Scene is a Lie.” That cut totally reminds me of an obscure Hard-Ons tune I like and it flows like a Pistols song all the way through. These cats have been doing this for almost 20 years and they've got it  figured out. I Crooks spaccano il culo! - 7/7 -  Spot Mandeux


(Flag Pole)

Debut single for this new traditional rockabilly band from Phoenix, AZ. They play what I'd call primitive Rock’n’Roll and they do it well. 
4 original songs that in less than 10 minutes tell you the tale of how this genre was born. Simple drumbeat locked down tight with the bass lines, roaring solos and tasty primordial licks (the guitar player is just a kid and, believe you me, if you see him play live you will think about retiring.) All topped by a singer that definitely knows how it’s done. Good first record (there’s a demo cd with seven songs around, for of them are on this single, but it has never been considered an official release) thank also to the capable hands of Shorty Poole that mastered the songs and designed the sleeve layout. I was looking forward to see them play at VLV next year, but it looks like they already broke up so what’s left, to you, is to contact Flagpole and order a copy. - 6/7 -  SeawolfDee


Self Destructo Records )

I was stoked when I found out that the very first Seattle band on Self Destructo Records was Antique Scream, and they couldn’t have chosen a better one. Christopher Rutledge (vocals, guitars) and William Fees (drums) are veterans of the Seattle scene and with this new project they explore the world of fuzz and 70’s hypnotic blues. The only weird thing here is that they do it has a duo and the result is unexpected. The recording is live and free with a lot of improvised jam, take the drum solo in “Black Magic I” slapped right in the middle of the song for example, and man, these two can play. Like I said it’s basically blues but they show their roots deep into late 60’s and early 70’s rock. in “Thee Intimidator” they remind me of a Ted Nugent on acid right between his early years in the Amboy Dukes and when he lost it with the spirit of the wild and all that crap. “Dragon Chaser I” & “II” turn the stoner rock corner, they crank the fuzz pedal up and the band loses itself in a spiral of lysergic riffs until the end with “The Chronicles of Dirty Dick” and it’s dark Sabbathian atmosphere. - 5/7 -  SeawolfDee


( Speedo Wax )

Let’s be honest. We were all waiting for this split 7”. The best two new European death punk bands had to meet at some point and do something together. And we didn’t have to wait that long either. It wasn’t a long ago that we reviewed both their new full length, and we saw this coming from miles away. Two songs each, one original and one cover. The cool thing is that they are both covering one another so technically you still have four original songs but a couple of them have a different twist. Great idea, I say. And what we have here? A wall of guitars, catchy choruses and sing along back ups that stick to your depraved brain like molasses. If I have to pick the best song on this piece of wax, I'd say “Sonic Reproducer.” Great song writing by The Priests and excellent sound provided by The Queens. I’d call this experiment a complete success! - 5/7 -  SeawolfDee

Janml Records )
This record took a couple songs before I really got an idea of what I was listening to. It's hard to pinpoint any one specific genre that stands out more than others on this record. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. Even though the music jumps around quite a bit, it's all very well done. Noam Chizo Salingre's drumming is rock solid and very technical. The guitar duo of Dor HaShamen Plaut and Eliran Balely is an excellent pairing. They weave between punk and speed metal and the light tone of what sounds like a telecaster or some other fender gives it a nice polish. The tone doesn't hit you over the head when you hear it but more draws you in while the riffing smashes your teeth to the back of your throat. I wish the bass was a bit more present, because Lidor Sharaby's tone is crushing. However, as is so common with metal the bass is a little buried in the mix. You can feel it, but some of the nuance gets lost in translation. The only "negative" point to make is with the vocals. It's two fold, because if you listen to the vocals as a 5th instrument as opposed to a traditional singer, it's quite good. It's not completely clear what is being said, but I think it has more to do with me not being able to understand the accent completely as these boys are from Israel. The particular style of vocal to me is more along the hardcore lines, or even punk. All in all, this is in my opinion a musicians record. No matter what instrument you play there's something infinitely respectable in the musicianship this band possesses. The vocals make it an acquired taste...but If you have a taste for it, this is an excellent record. - 5/7 -
Doug Walker

Kornalcielo Records & Booking / Sailors Overdrive Records )

New release for the nice folks at Kornalcielo Records and Sailor Overdrive that will make you scream: “Are they nuts?” Let me explain. This record is weird, yes but so were all those records that changed everything, right? Ok maybe they didn’t reinvent the wheel but believe me when I say this record will blow your mind. These crazy Italians managed to mix up two genre that I'd never ever, ever thought possible that could even been put together on the same mixtape. But they don’t care about what you think and they did it anyway. What it sounds like? No frikkin’ idea. I can try to label it and the only thing I can think of is brutal speed surf. Imagine Zeke borrowing The Ventures’ gear and start writing a bunch of garage/surf songs and you’ll maybe get close. This is raw, primitive, no thrills, abrasive rock ‘n’ roll. Props to the record labels for having the guts to help them release it and to the band for showing us the way. - 5/7 -   DarioBai

( Area Pirata )

If you don’t know who El Capi is you should be ashamed of yourself. He’s one of the few good things that happened to Rock ‘n’Roll in the last two years. He runs a weekly radio show from Spain where he resides and plays a bunch of new bands every Thursday night and believe me, that takes dedication. In one of the last episodes of last year he played a song from This band from Finland and I was hooked right away. They stroke me ( no pun intended, ok maybe just a little one) with their melodies and the use of the Bigsby on several occasions and I manage to get in touch with them. They are also super nice and it turned out they were about to enter the studio to record their new album so we set a deadline with the promise of getting in touch when it was ready and see if I could get a copy for the ‘zine. That happened pretty fast and, in pure 21st century fashion, I got my advanced copy dropboxed to me in few days. Put the record on and it was love at first ear. “1983” is one of those records that makes you scream out loud - “about frikking time!!” I’m not gonna say that is perfect but, hell I'm gonna say it anyway. This is a damn perfect album. Once again, it’s only Rock ‘n’oll and it’s obvious that they studied the older bands from the Scandinavian scene very well but you can not write songs like “The Ballad of Sailor Hawkins”, “Magic Man” and “Saved by the Women” if you’re not damn talented yourself. In my book this is easily the record of the year, hands down. Another young band to write down on the list for the role of “The New” ‘copters and these guys are right at the top of that list. Rock ‘n’Roll is not dead and until there are bands like The Empire Strikes, it will never die! - 7/7 -  DarioBai

( Bad Taste Records )

You guys have no idea how badly I was waiting for this record. “Rock and Roll is Black and Blue”, their latest record, was one of Danko Jones’ best albums released, since they started in 1996. The first two singles were great and having “Gonna be a Fight, Tonight” played at WWE events was a very smart promotional move. Especially because it’s a killer song. Same thing for “Do you wanna Rock”. It’s already established that they know how to write a catchy rock number and their new drummer sure added something to their sound. So until the end of February those were the two songs I had and they kept me on my toes and I was relieved when the album was finally out on Fed 21st. But I wasn’t very pleased after the first couple of time I listened to it. Maybe I just put too much into it or maybe I just had to listen to “Fire Music” another time. Luckily it was the latter. “Wild Woman” starts the record in the best way possible with a great simple proto-punk riff and Danko’s amazing voice. He knows how to sing the blues and I always find his lyrics meaningful and tasteful. Real life stories and if you followed his carrier and his podcast you know that he has a lot to say. I’d constructed the chorus of “Body Bag” differently but hey, it’s not my record, but that’s the only thing I don’t like about it basically. It’s not “Born a Lion” but it’s definitely one of the best albums they put out so far.  - 6/7 -  SeawolfDee

Lux Noise )

Sophomore album for this very prolific Swiss band that, after “The Sign,” released in 2013, gives us “Recharged.” There’s a couple of things that are pretty good at in Switzerland and rocking is definitely one of them. From the land of banks, chocolate and Krokus here we have a band that knows how to rock and released a pretty good album. I’d say that they remind me of AC/DC “Flick of the Switch” era (I love that album and I think it’s totally under rated) with some tasty riffs and solos that are short and straight to the point. Both guitar players are on fire and they surely know what they are doing and Volvo, the singer, delivers a wicked performance. If you add this to a staggering rhythm section you’ll have yourself a solid album. You can hear in their melodies some other influences like Thin Lizzy, some Stones and their bluesy licks, Quiet Riot and, of course, Krokus. Like ‘77 and Airbourne don’t pretend to have invented this formula but they love it and they keep playing like there’s no tomorrow and why not? We all do, don’t we? - 5/7 -  DarioBai

( High Roller Records )

As I was saying in my Captain’s Log, an army of new and young bands are emerging from the basements all over the world but Europe seems to have the most prolific ones. I’ve already talked about The Empire Strikes and their outstanding debut album but here we have another band that in less than 4 years , put out a 7”, a full length, toured all over Europe and Japan and had everyone in the music business kneel in front of them. And all of this while they are not allowed to drink in the States yet. But what is the secret of their success? Simple. They kick ass. Their debut album is a pure melodic Rock’n’Roll assault. Nothing like this since the Runaways broke up, believe you me. The streak of cool all-female Scandinavian bands is pretty long and Heavy Tiger goes straight to the top with Thunder-mother, Mensen and Sahara Hotnights. The names that come to mind are, The Runaways (but I've already said that) , Thin Lizzy , some Girlschool and tons of British pub rock. The opening track, “Saigon Kiss” and “Girls got Balls” are the perfect songs to introduce you to their sound with Maja’s feisty vocals, that Orange/Gibson tone I love, Sara’s groovy bass lines and Astrid’s clean drum beats. “Talk of the Town”, already on their first single, closes the record in the best way possible and leaves you wanting more. The good news is that they are writing the new record so you don’t have to wait much. -5/7 -SeawolfDee

( Monster Zero Records )

This guys are punk rock songs writing machines! Right after a new 7” is out, they immediately start writing brand new tunes for the next one. And they also had the time, in the 5 years they have been together, to put out 4 full length albums and tour all over Europe several times. On their latest single titled “Hurricane,” Tough delivers 4 songs that are a perfect bridge between The Ramones and some more melodic and new school pop punk. The title track hits you in the face, like only the 4 brothers of Forest Hills used to do, with a wall of guitars, provided by the new entry Roby Buono, and Chris’ gruff but melodic voice. Things changes a little with “Badly” were they leave some room for melody and romance. Side B basically follows the same path with a straightforward Ramones core song “Hey Hey Hey (oh no)” and a more melodic one “Sick of You” that reminds me of Chris’ old band, The Stinkin’ Polecats. Overall a great release for all you that thought “Obey The Ramones” would have been hard to beat. - 6/7 -  DarioBai

( AM Records )

Just right before the band entered the studio for their new record, AM Records released this sweet single where Nicke and his crew cover two great songs originally performed by Ba Ba Thomas and Little Richard (even if he didn’t actually wrote Heeby Jeebies.) Nothing fancy here but just a good rendition of two classics to keep us busy until the new record is out. By the time this review is published you’ll probably already had a glance of the fist single form their new record too. Great layout and double choice of vinyl color and it comes with a digital download too. Now get on the web and good luck finding a copy. - 5/7 -

( Hound Gawd Records )

Right before hitting Europe for a two weeks tour, Portland’s punk rock royalty The Lovesores made the smart decision to put out a new record. A 10” piece of wax with 4 brand new songs for everyone to enjoy and, why not, have something to sell while on the road. The report of their tour is at page 4 of this very issue and it’s pretty well done. Looks like they had a blast and so will you reading their adventures. Scott Drake knows how to write whether is song lyrics or prose and that’s a fact. It’s also a fact that him and his band mates know how to write punk rock songs. On this record you’ll find exactly what you were expecting from the ex Humpers’ front man and his new beast: punk rock, punk rock and yes, more punk rock, west coast school, mixed with some Sex Pistols, some Ramones and they borrowed some riffs and lick from Chuck Berry but I'm pretty sure he won’t mind. Nothing new here but the songs are damn catchy and I bet you’ll find yourself tapping your foot and grinning like a happy kid while listening to them. - 4/7 -  SeawolfDee

Self Destructo Records )

I think I'll never stop saying that going to shows is the best way to discover new bands and their music. And this is exactly what happened with MF Ruckus. I went to The Mix the night the second issue came out to deliver some copies to my collaborators that were happening to play (shocker, right?) there that night. Both their bands opened for this band from Colorado whose name I've heard before, around town, but I knew nothing about it. You know, one of those things? Like, everybody likes them so I must dislike them, kind of thing. very 90’s punk rock of me I know but what can I say? I was so wrong. They played a killer show, I talked to the singer for a little, I handed him a copy of the ‘zine and he gave me a copy of their new record, Thieves of Thunder and the thing ended up there. Until I got home and listened to the record and I understood what all the fuzz was about. If seeing them live wasn’t enough. This a brick in the face kind of record my friends. In these 14 songs the band manages to mix rock and roll and heavy metal like no other. If you like Valient Thorr you’re in for a sweet treat. Same feeling and same artistry with less politics and volume knob well set to 11. “Thieves of Thunder” starts the record and you got the gist of what’s gonna happen for the next 52 minutes, after the first few chords and Aaron starts singing. Parker and Tony’s chemistry on the six string is undeniable and all their parts are so tasteful and well weld together that is almost a sin when every songs ends. “You Ain’t Nothing Special” have some elements that remind me of early Megadeth but with a party hat on. “Halfway to the Halfway House” is pure 80’s LA Glam galore with an ultra catchy riff and sing along chorus. “We Don’t Party” is a goddamn masterpiece. There’s no other way to put it. The lyrics are pure genius and here our heroes add some Bay Area sound to the already perfected formula of the previous songs. Not soon enough their power ballad, that would have made Ronnie James Dio proud, arrives and here’s where the H stands for Rock ‘n’ Roll (and I'm quoting the song here.) They took me by surprise with the next song. They cover “All my Heroes are in Hell” originally written and recorded by All Bets On Death from Seattle, WA. I’ve never really liked that song but let me tell you something, their version is a punch in the face and pays tribute to the band and to the original in full. This Record should definitely be in your record collection. - 6/7 -  SeawolfDee

( Funeral Noise Records )

Second album for San Diego’s own Heavy Metal warriors, Monolith. For you who don’t know this band I need to clarify a thing or two. This is a sort of supergroup with members that were and still are in other bands, spread all over the country that answered the call when Doug Walker, brain and heart of Monolith, asked for some help to put out a bunch of songs he recently wrote. Some friends from his home state of Kentucky joined forces with him and so did some other friends from the San Diego area and Aaron Howell from Denver, CO. If you think the last name sounds familiar it’s because it is. Aaron sings in MF Ruckus, but he couldn’t resist to join Doug and write some kick heavy metal tunes. As a matter of fact the entire bands played the very first Monolith’s show as a back-up band for Mr. Walker but this is another story. The music on “Against the Wall of Forever” is exactly what you aspect but only awesomer! Pure NWOBHM stirred up with some Bay Area 80’s thrash. The opening song “The Emperor”, as well as the title track, welcomes you with a barrage of riffs in pure Iron Maiden style with some pretty epic lyrics. Then we move north on the coast and the band, speeds up a little and enters the territory mostly dear to the old thrasher that is inside of each and every one of us. “The Interrogator (Kindly Dr Jest)” is an dauntless slow number that takes you back to the time when interrogations meant serious business. More British riffs, in the form of a triple axe assault, in “Caravan”, ”The Prophet Awakens” and “Elusive Pray” until we hit “The All-Father” and its Slayer-ish feel. Closing the album it’s a mash-up/tribute to a couple of great tunes/bands. These crazy cats thought was a good idea to put together “ Seasons in the Abyss “ and “ Wipe it til it bleeds” and you know what? It frikking works! This album probably never gonna win the award for most original or experimental record but is 100% pure Heavy Metal and we like it this way. And it comes on cassette too so I really don’t know what you’re waiting for. Go get some! - 6/7 -  SeawolfDee

( Alive / Total Energy )

Like I’ve already said in this section’s intro, most of the times, you will find here records that I randomly stumble upon on my record hunting expeditions. This is one of those records. I had a digital version of it but when I found a copy, at TKO Records in Huntington Beach last winter, I knew that I had to have it and write something about it. Why? Simply because this album documents a unique, one-off event. In 1981, ex-Radio Birdman bassist Warwick Gilbert, guitarist Deniz Tek, and vocalist Rob Younger saluted their influences by joining the Stooges' lead guitarist Ron Asheton and MC5 drummer Dennis Thompson for a six-week blitzkrieg of Australia. Since Radio Birdman had been acclaimed as pillars of the national rock scene on their Australian home turf yet relegated to cult status elsewhere, while the MC5 and the Stooges had never been commercial propositions either, the idea made perfect sense. Still, once the fans pass the "punk summit" angle used in promoting the album, they'll find the fruits of this alliance very impressive. The set list draws evenly from across the board, from the MC5 to the Stooges, passing by Destroy all Monsters to, of course, Radio Birdman. There’s time for a brand new song "Columbia," whose propulsive riff and atypical space-travel theme closes the album on a powerful, decisive note. Too bad it never happened again but at least we can thank the gods of rock ‘n’ roll for allowing the stars to align and give us this outstanding live document. - 7/7 -  SeawolfDee


( Hectic Society Records )

An Italian, an American, a Maltese and a South African walk into a bar. No, this not the beginning of a joke but it’d be the scene you will witness when this band comes through the doors of your local watering hole ready to set up their gear and blast your ears off. Pop punk from London, UK in the vain of early Screeching Weasel, Weezer and The Descendents with a little more poppier edge to it. Four songs with catchy hooks, great solos (in a pop song? Infidels!!) and amazing production that makes this a very good debut. I don’t know if we ever hear from them again, you know those punk bands, or see them live on this side of the pond but I'm sure if you are into those band like these 4 are, you’ll enjoy this single a lot. - 5/7 -  DarioBai

Self Destructo Records / Steamhammer )

PPSR is one of those bands you can always count on. They are one of the hardest working band around and every live performance is an event you’ll remember. I especially remember opening for them, with my old band, and hanging out with their crew all night before and after the show. Truly genuine and fun people these Dutchmen. They decided I looked like Chopper (if you don’t know who he is or never watched the biopic about this crazy Australian outlaw you still have time to remedy to this mortal sin) so we spent the rest of the time together quoting the flick and drinking. Not a bad night if you ask me. The same thing you can say of their approach to writing and recording a new album. Everytime they put out a record you know right from the start that they will put 100% of their heart and energy into it. “Buckle up and shove it!” is no different from all their previews releases. Tons of heavy and loud riffs, cocky lyrics all held together by fast and mean drum beats. Nothing new here. Same cloth as Motorhead and Zeke are cut out of and like the two aforementioned bands, they do it pretty well. 13 songs of unaltered, straight forward, in your face rock ‘n’ roll with some metal sprinkled here and there, especially in “Murdertruck” with a solid Slayer-ish riff. Lemmy would be proud of the title track that reminds me of the best Motorhead’s more “melodic” songs. Great surprise is their version of “New Rose.” Self Destructo Records released this record for the American market, on both Cd and Vinyl, and we sure hope to see them back in the new world soon.  - 5/7 -

( Bad Track Records )

Though; THE BROTHERS GROSS are lumped into that vast category of “punk rock” (kinda like every band in Seattle is GRUNGE) they truly run their own course brushing elbows with everything from post-punk to garage rock and most everything in between. This is the band you had for those killer house parties you threw when your parents were out of town. Remember those? You pushed the sofa and coffee table against the wall and had an ass-kicking show in the living room. That's their “feel” but they are well-seasoned having toured both coasts and cranked out a lot of material. More than just a clever name the drummer and lead vocalist/guitarist are brothers and their last names really are…. Gross. I'm not sure what the Chicago “punk” scene is these days but they must own it. The tunes I got to check out were from their 2014 release called Sight and Sound. Ten tracks they cut in LA with producer/engineer Joel Morales. If you're the kind of person who just HAS to put a “punk” band into a sub-genre then this would be best described as Pop-punk because every tune is totally upbeat and familiar yet very much made their own. I think one of the coolest things about all the songs is that where the vocals are clearly strong enough they made it a point to push them back in the mix letting the guitars cut through and keep the energy right in your face. There's nothing layered about any of it – it's like they just stood in a room together and plowed through it all – a very live feel that keeps it believable and allows the imperfect jangle to give it that awesome garage band vibe. First song I spun was Yer Friend. Everyone has their own thing as far as what they hear and what bands they are reminded of but for me I heard New York Dolls with the vocals having a sort of Tom Petty nasally drag and even a hint of some earlier Joan Jett rhythms and, crazy as it sounds, there was almost an ELO thing going on during the solo break. It may sound like a bad collision of classic rock but it's totally high octane. The track “Walk on By” kind of felt like an old Sweet song and the guitar fills on “Not Anymore” totally had a fired up Chuck Berry/Richards/Thunder's kick all rolled up into a hopped up ditty you'd hear in an X tune. You can hear Jane's Addiction and Jett (the band, not the Joan) all through Get High. The guitars from Falling Down could have been written by Alice Cooper in early Buxton/Bruce era which is another classic rock reference but a really good one. My favorite cut out of all 10 was “My Way” (not a Frank Sinatra cover) because it sounded a lot like The Freeze which lands them squarely in my Cool Book. Great set of songs with seemingly diverse influences shoved down your throat with the sweet aftertaste of baby aspirin and everyone likes baby aspirin. These guys are top-shelf and I would love to see them live if they ever made this far west. I strongly suggest you look them up and see what they're all about. Six out of seven stars, two big thumps up. - 6/7 -  Spot Mandeux

( Patac Records )

These Kentucky boys know how to serve it up raw. Forget 1/2 hillbilly and 1/2 punk. The proper term for these guys is Killbilly. This album will have ya pulling a Keith Moon and throwing shit out the window. We start off with the song "Devil’s Wedding Night",damn son no time to slow down when you can speed up. Vocalist Adam Neal slices into your ear drums with a rock n roll roar that is fierce and evil. The lyrics on this album would probably make Satan himself blush. The have a good use of back up vocals. Reminds me of the Misfits early years back when horror punk use to be good and dirty. The drumming is frantic and pulsing like a ruptured vein of a deer caught by a lion. beating so fast i find myself not needing coffee. Even at this hour which is 9 am . The guitars are heavy with fast solos that are long and savage. These boys make rock look easy, but don’t be fooled cause those shoes couldn’t be filled by any other musician. "Rape your fucking corpse" raped my fucking heart. A d-beat from hell that had me thinking: "how fast can I drive this car?" This keeps going through 12 tracks of high energy rock n roll filtered with southern sleaze. Kind of like Motorhead and Antiseen did a speed ball and had a baby. "Violent love reaction" has a little bit of different tone then the rest of the album. But i like it ! I can’t get it out of my head. The guitar riffs are smooth and powerful. “Teenage blood” is super catchy (in a good way) . The rest of the album will have ya doing laps while banging your head yelling I feel in love with a demon called The Hookers! Wether you like metal or punk these guys will school you on how to thrash, and if you don't like it, well you don't like rock.
As said on this album, this bitch is wearing the Devil’s mark, and it says all hail the Hookers.
Kentucky bad ass keeping it bad. Keep killing it boys! - 7/7 -  Lauren Banshee

Gearhead )

The Barons are back with a brand new full length. Good news! Wanna know what is also good news? That we are starting to see the Gearhead logo on cool records again. About frikkin’ time! It took a while for these party animals to get their shit together and put out a new record after “ Up all night with...” We waited a long time but I have to say that was worth it because we got something really good in return. Electric Revenge is a great punk and roll album with a hint of heavy metal that is always welcome in this neighborhood. They don’t waste any time and the sonic attack starts from the very first note of “Inside Out” where Eva’s voice and the great guitar tone are well showcased. There’s an unexpected guest on vocals on “Black Rider”, Mr. Blag Dahlia himself, that delivers some snotty lines right before your face gets melted by a steaming-hot guitar solo. In “Southern Flavour” they add a pinch of spices and guitar layering that always make yours truly very happy. Blag is back again in “You’re Mine Tonight” for the last verse and the band completely surrenders to the ghost of the metal past. “Down The Road” is the perfect Punk and Roll anthem with some hints of Ramones and Social D for all the afficionados. The record keeps going on for five more delicious songs and the ride sadly ends after 37 minutes. Great comeback. I can’t review this record without mentioning the unbelievable artwork by Vince Ruarus. The illustration on the front cover is stupid good. Go check him out at and I'm im pretty sure you’ll find several covers of records you like, in his portfolio. - 5/7 -  SeawolfDee

( Minotauro Records )

Fuck yes. That pretty much sums up my attitude towards this entire record. It grabs you by the hair and drags you into the world of pure metal immediately. I try to listen to everything for the first time with an open mind, but it's very rare I hear something modern that I immediately fall in love with. This is one of those records. Hawk's vocals have a commanding presence that is all too rare in modern metal. Like the perfect combination of Rob Halford and Joey Demaio. The way guitar players Lenny Burnett and Matt Fox play off each other is absolutely perfect. Their choices in phrasing are impeccable. The tones are heavy but not over powering. I love it when a metal band is heavy because of their riffs, and not their tones. The solos are a call back to the days of the guitar god, standing majestic in the stream of an industrial fan with a smoke machine behind it. And my absolute favorite thing in the world...a 2 guitar band where both guys can lay it down and melt even the toughest face like a pudding pop on a bad date night with Bill Cosby. Ron Banner's bass playing is fantastic. The guy has incredible chops, but understands the concept of playing tastefully. He and Chris Gohde form a rhythm section that is unfuckable with. There's nothing I can really pick out as something "wrong" with this record. This is, plain and simple, pure metal at its finest. IF you enjoy the early days of NWOBHM and like your metal big and musical, this record is for you. If you call yourself a metal head and you haven't checked these guys out, you need to correct this mistake immediately. - 7/7 -  Doug Walker

( Self Prod. )

Somewhere between old school Gospel and Austin based blues Andalusia Rose finds a viable medium and works in elements of contemporary recording techniques creating lots of “space” and lingering atmosphere . The music has a smoky back-woods vibe about it though you can very distinctly hear shades of bands like The Black Crows, Lazy Susan and The Peach Kings. Their first batch of songs is surprisingly polished for a band that's only been around for about 3 years. Wendy Lee Gadzuk is the singer, guitarist and primary songwriter. She writes from a centered place that projects confidence but leaves a lingering uncomfortable edginess. The rest of the band has been a cast of rotating musicians - the current line-up is Paul Jarvis on drums and Jeff Vengeance covering pretty much everything else. Coming from bands like The 440's, Sucker Star, The Flesh Eaters and Skin Lab there's plenty of seasoned talent in this group. I think the first thing I noticed about the songs from a musician's perspective was the old-school guitar tones. Nothing processed or modernized – all vintage and organic, so much so you can smell tubes cooking through the headphones. They add variety to the textures of the songs with tones ranging from shimmering cleans to Hendrix-type mid gains and are not afraid to use subtle delays, slides and other colorful effects at exactly the right moments. The first song I listened to was their rendition of The Rose (yes, the Bette Midler ballad). Their spin on it is, in a word, unsettling like something they'd use little pieces of in the background of an Elm Street movie. She doubles her own voice creating a natural chorusing effect but the tracks are different enough to be oddly out of phase. The song is built upon layers of vocals, slide guitar, creepy keyboards and...bird samples which is a bit disturbing. It's not typical of the rest of their music which is cool because it shows their material is more diverse and less one-sided. Next track I spun was Destroyer which was my fave. This one starts out wide open with slide guitar that has a total Cowboy Junkies vibe then a third of the way into it the rhythm guitar gets “heavy” and the whole thing shifts to more of a Tesla feel and the by time it hits the middle mark it has a southern bounce to it that almost sounds like a toned down Molly Hatchet song. Let it Shine contrasts completely starting out with a gospel feel then turning into something between Joplin and Collective Soul. Listening to the rest of the tunes they sent me it's apparent they have a very broad range of influences spanning the 60's through the 90's. There's nothing cookie-cutter about any of it. Bottom line – This is well thought out music performed and recorded flawlessly. It's a new twist on an old style we've all heard before but not in many years or done this well. Look for their upcoming release First Stone available soon on CD, download and a limited run on vinyl. Do yourself a favor, find Andalusia Rose on-line and see what the fuss is all about. - 6/7 -  Spot Mandeux

Self Destructo Records )

Finally the stars aligned and I was able to get a copy of “Road Warriors” right before the deadline and I have to thank Chuck at Self Destructo for that. The motor city speed rockers are back with their third album after a very intense and busy year. They never stop touring and when I met them here in Seattle, they told me the album was pretty much ready and I got very excited but, I wasn’t expecting what I found in these new 12 tracks. During the brief conversation i had with Rob and Chris they mentioned that there were adding some 70’s elements in their sound but boy, I wasn’t expecting this. This record is Detroit to the core. You can hear in “ Here to Stay” and “What Happened” some Ted Nugent ( just in the guitars, don’t worry) and Alice Cooper is definitively one of their biggest influences. Their live energy and rawness has been captured perfectly on tape into the recording studio and they have the same intensity the Mc5 had live. This band has evolved and grown so much in the last year that it sounds like a different band. A perfected version of the ATG I saw just 6 months ago. But they don’t stop there, oh no. When they step on the accelerator, in songs like “Till we Die”, they remind me of early Metallica, Ride the Lightning period, and overall they have that same special thing that Motörhead has, especially in “Night Time.” Being able to write great heavy but simple rock songs. These guys are definitely leading the pack in the very difficult race to replace Lemmy & Co. once they will decide to call it a day. Mark my words on this. A couple of new tours has just been announced (they are on the road with The Hookers right now) and it seems they have no intentions to stop anytime soon. Good! Go see them when they swing by your town. You’re in for a sweet heavy treat. - 6/7 -  SeawolfDee

( Self Prod. )

If you're in a band and you get on a bill with these guys make damn sure you're on first because they are an impossible act to follow. The Stuntmen consume all the energy in the room to fuel their veracious punk rock appetites making whatever bands that comes on after relatively pointless. I witnessed this firsthand a few months ago – they just leveled the place then walked off the stage like nothing happened. Though all veteran musicians The Stuntmen maintain a level of energy through their entire show that bands half their age couldn't possibly keep up with. Mick Stunt, the singer/guitar player was in the FUs and the Sunts, the bass player Karkass played for the Space Cretins and Undisputed Heavyweight Champions and Jerry Zeigler was in a string of thrash, metal & country bands like The Hartfield's, Coven, Death Squad, Chief, Fitz of Depression and more – over 100 years of experience between the three of them. The Stuntment have only been around since December of 2014 but have already recorded a 12-song self-titled live record with Jack Endino and mastered by Chris Hanzek that we should be seeing in the next couple months. Most of their songs hammer out around 130 beats per minute or faster which clocks them in at about 120 seconds, perfect punk rock etiquette. They gave me a preview of five tunes all of which are instant classics and that's an impressive accomplishment considering they haven't even pressed the CD yet. “Alone Again” ( not a Dokken cover) is a straight up Kiss riff only with better guitar, bass, drum and vocal tracks. If they create a Stuntmen Army I'm in. “Late for the Show” is reminiscent of Motorhead but sped up to about twice the speed. They give a nod to Social Distortion with “Heart Attack” which bursts into a galloping 3-chord rhythm and chorus with a quick two-chord turn around. Get in, get out – “simple is awesome”, punk rock 101. Then there's “Welcome to America,” a quick uplifting cut celebrating the readable availability of drugs in this country and the way Facebook has improved the quality of the human condition. If the National Anthem was to be rewritten today this would be it. It's so refreshing to find a band with lyrics like “on the highway in a stolen Ford”, “methadone slaves”, “I am insane – from cocaine – that ate my brain”. These guys may not be Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner or Hawthorne but this shit is punk poetry at its finest. The Stuntmen may only have been together less than half a year but they are already climbing out of the local watering holes and dives and are opening for nationals in larger venues that a lot of bands have been working towards for years. Bottom line: badass band on a fast track to eminent success. Catch them live, buy the CD and tell the world. - 7/7 -  Spot Mandeux

( ATCO Records )

Flies on Fire is one of those bands from the LA 80’s era that has been royally screwed by them record labels, overlooked and under-appreciated. The year 1989 saw the release of their self-titled first effort. It showed that a band could inject humor into the song writing recipe without diluting the intelligence of the lyrics, while making it all look damn easy. And the music? A bullet train ride that took us through most of the rock landscape, from the opening roar of “Anything Goes” to the gospel overtones of “Salvation Boulevard” and back ‘round the bend to smarmy tales of the music industry like “Let It Roll”. The album features bombastic guitar, ferocious drums and vocals that range from a quaint drawl to a primal howl. And the addition of female backup singers and just a dash of harmonica certainly set these guys apart from the generic ‘80s pot. No pretentious antics, no devil horns, no gimmicks – just the music. If anything, the Flies were a year ahead of the curve – The Black Crowes took their similar stripped down rock sound to the masses with their debut in 1990 and left the flies in the shadows forever. You can find their records (they released two full length) for dirt cheap if you know where to look. - 5/7 -  DarioBai

( Rounder Records )

Everybody in the Rockabilly scene already knew that his second album was always going to be the real test for JD. The Oklahoma singer was tagged as a rock ’n’ roll revivalist with his firecracker debut Signs & Signifiers, but revivalism can be a confining niche, for all its charms. McPherson shows on the follow-up that he doesn’t like labels. Let the Good Times Roll is rooted in some of the same early rock ’n’ roll and R&B sounds as its predecessor, but these 11 songs are more expansive, and also more subtly daring. It’s a muscular record, driven by a tight, locked-in rhythm section that firmly anchors the songs while giving McPherson room to let loose. And he does: his voice is bright and graceful over a sound bass on the title track, and he dials in a woozy, seductive air on the noir-ish “Bridgebuilder,” a co-write with Dan Auerbach that floats on a bed of clinking right-hand piano and muted standup bass that McPherson interrupts with waves of overdriven guitar before he and the band bring the song gently home. McPherson’s guitar playing is bolder throughout the entire record, to excellent effect. A propulsive bass line helps supersize the riff on the upbeat “Head Over Heels,” which threads syncopated handclaps between fills. “You Must Have Met Little Caroline?” is a study in contrasts as the clanging guitar riff gives way to a twisting descending piano part in the middle section and then erupts into a massive, super-heated guitar break. For songs like “It Shook Me Up,” though, JD also shows he knows the value of restraint. He holds back on “It’s All Over But the Shouting,” which emphasizes the baritone saxophone and the organ until McPherson lays into a roaring guitar part that repeats with hypnotic allure. Same thing on “Shy Boy,” punctuating a staccato organ vamp with quick, punchy fills at the end of the refrain. “Everybody talking about the All American,” a tribute to the late Nick Curran closes the record with the last assault and it’s undoubtedly the song that reminds me the most of the old record. But that was the intent. What’s perhaps most compelling about Let the Good Times Roll is the perfect balance McPherson and his band strike between power and agility making it look really damn easy. Rock’n’Roll has a knack for brute force, but these songs are never less than nimble, always full of electricity and a steady barometer of unfailing good taste. - 6/7 -  Back Jurton

( Self Prod. )

What can I say besides this album is awesome. It starts out strong with " Strung Out and Belted" and I am immediately hooked. Pulled in by the clean guitar riffs and haunting melody. Rip rocked and raunched in four minutes." Upright Blues" lives up to it"s name. Reminds me of the Sex Pistols and the Dead Boys. Good gritty punk rock with duelling guitar solos. No four bar chord monotony here. Also who doesn't love a dueling guitar solo? Each track manages to keep the punk but blend their influences. You can feel the blues and darkness. Kind of like an emotional roller coaster that leaves you content by the end. These guys have a rich LA sound, Back when La bands were rocking. Gritty and sleazy like a show where you can’t wash the stink of whiskey out of your clothes. The last band I can recall to pull off the sleaze with the dark was La Guns. And let’s face it folks early La guns is epic. Track Four "Factory Fingers" will get stuck in your head for days. The intro is very reminiscent of The MC5 and Radio Birdman . Straight into a Hanoi Rocks kind of vibe. The other thing i love about this album is the production. Every instrument stands out. The drum especially, and yes there is cowbell! "Little baby gotta learn a lesson from the barrell of a Smith and Wesson" love this line. A shot gun right to the eardrum echoing a slide of the guitar. We keep moving on picking up speed as the tracks continue. A rock n roll locomotive next stop "Walking Kind.” This song you can really hear the back-up vocals. This one of the things i love about this band. Their back-up vocals are tight. Even live these guys blend their sound perfectly. Which isn’t always an easy task. I miss this kind of rock n roll. The kind where you can be a bad ass and still have style. Melodic is great if ya do it right and by George they got it! Moving on to our last track "American Exorcist “ this is the fastest track. This train is ending with a crash . Back and forth the vocals and lead guitar sing to each other. A slow dance done fast between rock and punk. This album should have exclamation points all over it. The only thing I can complain about is it leaves me wanting more. Overall a must have album for your rock collection.
Sounds like; Electric Frankenstein, Black Halos, U.S. Bombs, Dead Boys. - 6/7 -  Lauren Banshee

( Self Prod. )

What can you say about a group who claims to be the loudest band on Earth? It's a ballsy claim and one that pretty much every rock band in the city would like to believe of themselves but Torch Burner's music backs it up. It's hard to put a finger on exactly where these guys are coming from musically because their songs differ widely from one another. Somewhere between early 90's underground Seattle grunge/punk and straight up hard rock they've have found a brutally effective center. Heaviness aside, there's some expansive arrangements with great use of two guitars that aren't anchored together but wander off in their own directions. The drums and bass are so solid and prominent in the mixes it almost seems the guitars are just overlaid for color. The band's done a little shuffling with their lineup but currently it's Chris Hunter on bass/vocals, Mitch Wolfe on drums, Apples Bonifazi and Frank Gross on guitars. First of the handful of tracks I checked out was “Dying Tree.” This tune swings like a Gruntruck song then the verses drop out into a calm but creepy space with this unresolved monotone singing that's basically (and very effectively) just setting up this awesome tension note build-up back into the chorus. “ Gasoline” , aside for the second guitar holding that sweet stinger note is pretty much something Mudhoney would have written back in the day. Smut has a Screaming Trees vibe going on doing the clean jangly guitars over dirty guitars which gives it loose feel but the tight drumming keeps it all within the lines. All the songs are very well thought out and structured to keep the arrangements interesting. The production quality is also top-shelf for a younger band, quality stuff all the way around. I haven't had the chance to see them live yet but after giving the tunes a thorough listening to I'll be at their next show for sure. These cats bring the rock. - 6/7 -  Spot Mandeux

( Cbs/Epic Records )
I have to thank Sean of The Demolition Kings for discovering this underrated Australian band when, outside of the Adam Bomb show, he suggested me to check ‘em out. And it happened randomly, as usual, that in one of my record hunting expeditions at Bop Street Records I found a copy of the American version of “Darkroom” by Angel City, know in their homeland as The Angels. Back in their days, in Australia they topped the charts several times but in America, however, The Angels still struggled to find an audience. The problem was no one knew how to classify the band. Too punk for heavy metal, they were too rock for punk and too heavy for new wave. As singer Doc Neeson put it. "Punk. Heavy metal. New Wave. We're a rock and roll band. Those other words confuse me." Indeed, The Angels were a rock and roll band, and Dark Room, rocks in fine form with its propulsive rhythms and manic vocals. Dark Room contained the Angels first #1 hit with "No Secrets" (although "Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again" was a monster hit down under.) But, without a doubt, the highlight of the album is "Face the Day," a perfect vehicle for Doc Neeson's brand of mental illness. Let's face it, he wasn't nicknamed the Mad Irishman for nothing. Anyways, the band is incredibly tight behinds Neeson's mad vocals, riffs executed to perfection, the rhythm section endlessly flawless, as they propel the songs forward. The arrangements on Dark Room are more complex than their previous release, with more variation of tempo within the songs, rather than the straight ahead blues-busting riffs. The Angels are a true treasure of straight-out raucous rock and roll that somehow got lost at their arrival on the American shores. Thankfully, those brilliant Aussies knew what they had, and the Angels enjoyed a huge measure of success over there. Now it’s your turn to hunt ‘em down and see for yourself what they were capable of. Satisfaction guaranteed. - 6/7 -  SeawolfDee

( Anfibio Records )

This doesn’t happen often, and probably it will never happen again, but what you are about to read is a review of an Oi! band. I’m known for not liking Skinheads band, except one or two maybe, and why is it happening now? you’ll ask. The answer is simple; because this band is one of those two, is super fun and, if you happen to know Italian, their lyrics are frikking hilarious! So yes. That’s what is going on here. I’m reviewing an Italian Oi! band but first let’s talk about the name. They took their name from “A Clockwork Orange” and if you pay attention, you’ll hear the intro of the fight between the Droogs and Billy Boy’s gang (and that’s how you translate their name in this romantic language.) The music is straight up British punk but the feature that made them famous is their lyrics. They don’t take themselves too seriously and, even when they talk about topics like politics or social injustice, they always try to do it with humor and using metaphors and so you’ll hear them singing about the misadventures of Cpt. James T. Kirk, The Pope, a sodomite dwarf, all while drinking cheap beer and Biancosarti, eating cat meat at their favorite fast food joint and causing a ruckus at the Clockwork supermarket. They broke up a while ago but only last year they decided to get back together because it was too early to stop having fun. Then Anfibio Records stepped in and released this cd that is a collection of all their songs recorded so far and includes their very first demo tape, all their 7”, that are a butt load, a 10” split with a Japanese band called Empi and many, many songs released on various compilations all over the world, for a total of 33 tracks. The quality is not always top notch but what’s important here is the fact that this is a testimonial of their early years. Farther down the track list you’ll notice that the sound and the song writing improve while the lyrics that Signino and Kurma deliver (oh, did I forget to mention that they have two singers?) are still sharp and funny. In the meanwhile, they are getting back on the map by playing as many live shows as possible and they are writing new songs for the next generation of punks united. Suore + Preti still equals T.N.T. - 6/7 -  DarioBai

( Mercury Records )

The second album is always a hard test. It’s finally all about the music, no shocking factor anymore. The Runaways’ new effort is full of good music, emotion and uncontrollable talent. Lita Ford has let loose and evolved into a hard rock riff-mistress! Her shredding has improved and the other members gave her the space to let go. Joan Jett’s song-writing skills, also developed since the first album. Although her style of playing is not technically impressive (but we all knew that already,) her sound is tighter, with many catchy tunes going on. On the other hand, Cherrie, although she lost some of her edge, still managed to give her best performance. As in the first album, the opening song serves as a welcoming tune and an eye opener. Queens of noise picks it up from where the debut ended plus its better produced. After the first hit, the album can be divided in three different parts: the balladry, the mad rockers and the disappointing effort to play the blues. The new influence is the moody, yet not extraordinary at all balladry, a taste of LA 80’s glam rock to come. “Midnight Music” and “Heartbeat” reveal a more sensitive side of the band, especially Cherie’s. The soloing from Lita is always there to save the day for the sake of true rockers. “Born to be bad,” interestingly enough, is almost a ballad and a much, much better effort. Although it starts slow, it quickly erupts into a, darker than ever, hard rock menace. Joan Jett’s rumbling in the middle section of the song, followed by Lita’s solo, is the most emotional part of The Runaways in my book. Have they gone all gothic on us, then? I don’t think so! “Take it or Live it” and “I Love Playing with Fire,” remind us why we liked the girls so much in the first place: riffing like there’s no tomorrow, shredding solos and punkish vocals, some solidly performed by Jett alone. It’s evident that she’s got her own punkier thing going on, a solo artist in the making maybe? “Neon Angels” is a sonic dynamite, plain and simple. The riff is as huge and Lita from now on is considered armed (with an axe) and dangerous. Finally, if it’s one song to hear from the Runaways, it’s “California Paradise.” They never got any better than this. It's also Cherie's best vocal performance by far. After “Hollywood,” which is a strong rocking tune -a bit repetitive though-, a rather ill-fated attempt hits. “Johnny Guitar” is an under produced, full of reverb, 7-minute try to play the electric blues. Slow riffs with no real emotion accompanied with endless soloing that seems out of place, the band is playing out of their turf now. Overall, it’s a weak song that can only stand as a testimony that the band still didn't play it safe and at the end, that doesn’t really look like a bad thing to me. As always, The Runaways are straightforward, what they feel is what you get. In the first album they were a team. Queens of Noise features two ladies that want to be leaders plus one that wants to quit. Eventually one will quit while the other one will find her place at the top. - 5/7 -  Back Jurton

( JaNML Records )

After fronting Washington DC garage rockers Adam West for 17 years, titanium-throated Jake Starr took time off to recharge his batteries. Now he's back to deliver high-octane, garage rock-n-roll. On this brand new 7” we have three songs: “Faces” (originally performed by The Hangmen, the 60’s garage band, not one of other thousands of modern outfits that used the same moniker.) and “Vanilla” (originally written and performed by Adam West) with a cool garage twist, to complete side A. On side B we have a live version of The Kink’s “Stop your Sobbing”, sang by Kathleen Wilson of The Hall Monitors, that I must say sounds pretty good. I’m glad to see that Janml Rec is expanding towards other music genres and I'm also happy that they started this new adventure with a great new band. Welcome back Jake! - 5/7 -  SeawolfDee





We had to wait a little for this but finally GIUDA’s second release is out! They stormed Europe and The States with their first full length “Racey Roller” and everybody went nuts for this Italian band that, lets be honest, doesn’t sound Italian at all. They combined first era Glam with Pub rock and a little hint of British punk to concoct the perfect explosive mix that will make you stomp your feet until the morning comes. Ok, but if you are reading this ‘zine you already know all of this. The new record LET’S DO IT AGAIN is definitely a great follow up to their first release and shows that their song writing, glances of early AC/DC can be heard here and there, and the production evolved (or devolved, as they like to say, meaning they stripped down their sound even more in order to get to the core of the melody ) and you can tell that from their opening song, and also first single, WILD TIGER WOMAN. Once the song starts, you have to surrender immediately to them. Resistence is pointless. At this point your brain has already taken you to your happy place and your feet will stop following your orders. YELLOW DASH and GET THAT GOAL will finish you by the time ROLLER SKATES RULE O.K. and FAT BOY BOOGIE are over you will have nothing left to do that dance through the rest of this fine record and declare shouting at the top of your lungs, I’M A GIUDA FAN! - 6/7 - DarioBai


Third full length for ISE and once again they don’t disappoint. With REPTILE BRAIN MUSIC I think they delivered the best combination of power pop and electric ‘70s rock possible. The riffs are angrier than on POP WAR but melody is always the key here. Nicke and the rest of the boys certainly know what they are doing and what they want; EMPTINESS INTO THE VOID opens the dance in the best way possible and immediately takes you four decades back, in the years where electric guitars sang the gospel and guitar players were gods. They switch gear with UNDERWHELMED just to stomp back even harder on the accelerator on REPTILE BRAIN where bass player Dolf De Borst takes center stage and delivers a great singing performance. Nothing fancy, but if you are accustomed to his old band, The Datsuns, you know what he’s capable of. The record flows perfectly and with no hiccups till the last groove and by the time DOWN IN THE BUNKER ends the only thing left is to go back to track 1 and listen to it all over again. I know we all miss The Hellacopters, but with a band like this, believe you me, Mr. Andersson won’t look back anytime soon.  - 6/7 - DarioBai


Man, what a record! this 7” blew my mind right from the start. I don’t know what it is but when it’s about rock bands, everything they touch in Sweden turns into gold. Ok not everything, but this record for sure is and once again I have to thank the fine folks at Ghost Highway Recordings for introducing me to this band. JETBONE sounds like if  THE BACK CROWS had a baby with GRAND FUNK RAILROAD especially if you listen to the title track, AIN’T IT SHAME. Perfection in three chords! The Side B, RIDE THE STORM isn’t bad either with a groovy distorted bass intro and tons of hammond and sweet twangy guitars. You don’t have this? Your loss!   - 7/7 - DarioBai


Good job guys! This 7", available in white vinyl edition is absolutely, a good release. Nice packaging and excellent songs. These Glam punkers come from Basel Switzerland, they are well known in Europe for their amazing and intense live acts, full of red lights,eyeliner, tattoos and rock n’ roll. If you buy this 7" you'll find 3 minutes of turbo rock on each side.

GIMME A KISS is an awesome track and you will be fascinated by the catchy chorus that will get stuck immediately in your head for days and days, clean and simple straight to the goal. The B-side WOE IS ME is on the same line. Great backing vocals, perfect match in support of an obsessive guitar riff. A good choice for all you Death Punk lovers. - 6/7 - Redrum


There’s only one way to put it. This record is pure dynamite! After years in DEATH BREATH, THURDER EXRESS and IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, among other projects, Robert Perhsonn decided it was about time to put out a solo album of fine rock tunes with the help of all his friends and saying that this album is just good, is the understatement of the century. Great Power Pop/Rock with Thin Lizzy in their heart, UFO in their mind. These guys are all very talented, and you can tell by listening to the harmonies in HAUNT MY MIND,

KEEP ME IN YOUR HEART, WASTED TIME and FALLING INTO DARKNESS. This album also has a song, SERIOUS that has the cleanest and best damn guitar solo I've ever heard in my entire life, and I'm kidding you not. Voted in several European countries best rock album of 2013, it really surprises me that not a single American label or distributor decided to import this for you, and that’s a shame, but at least you can find the digital version in all the biggest web stores.
- 7/7 - DarioBai


This is definitely a solid rock album. I can’t even tell what it reminds me of because THE SADE don’t sound like anybody else but, at the same time you can tell where these guys are coming from and where they wanna go. Without a doubt, I hear some stoner rock influences, explained by the fact that the singer/guitar player was in OJM for awhile,  but also they like a lot of the godfathers of rock from the 70’s from Black Sabbath to Roky Erickson when he was with the Aliens. The singing is so distinctive you won’t easily forget the voice and it reminds me of Danzig and Type O’Negative on a couple of occasions; especially in the slowest songs like BLACK DEMON and BALLAD OF THE BLACK MOON. THE WEREWOLF and LOVE KILLER REQUIEM are two perfect death punk songs and they would have fit effortlessly on Apocalypse Dudes if TRBNGR had simply thought about adding a couple of songs to an already perfect album. But I'm digressing here. They end “II” in a very odd way with a spaghetti western song that would be perfect score for the next Tarantino movie but since the arrangement and the production of this cut are flawless, like it is for the rest of the album, I really don’t find it that weird at the end. This band definitely grew up since their first record and it wouldn’t surprise me if we’d see them around here soon. - 6/7 -Dariobai


First of all, I have to say that this is not a new album. It came out in the summer of 2013 but I strongly doubt you’ve ever heard of FAZ WALTZ before and, since I interviewed them in this issue and they are an amazing band, I've decided that I'm gonna review it anyway because A) They deserve as much publicity a possible and B) You deserve to learn about this band and their sound. With all this said, I can now start talking about their music and let me tell you, this record is pure Garage/Glam rock perfection! They started in 2007 and after an EP and two albums released in a short period of time, they delivered an album that sweats adrenaline. If you like Glam rock and Pub Rock from the 70’s like Hector, Hammersmith Gorilla, T Rex, the first Bowie but also new garage bands like The White Stripes, The Hives and The Lords of Altamont, you definitely wanna check this record out. I WANNA FIND MY PLACE starts the album and you are gonna find yourself jumping rabidly on the couch and you won’t be able to stop until KING OF NOWHERE, the last song, it’s over. in between these two songs there are 11 more cuts and none of them is a filler. FINGERS IN MY BRAIN and LOOKING FOR A GHOST , the first two singles released, pick up right where the first song stopped and there’s nothing you can do at this point other than completely submit to them and become a new fan. I ‘m not quite sure if they will be the next big thing but what I do know is that they are damn good and we will hear from them soon. New record and possible west coast tour are in the making. - 6/7 -  Dariobai


Debut release for one of the best and most hard working bands in town. RAT RACE is the perfect mix between the two different souls of this band. You can hear clearly the rock n’roll influences along with their punk hardcore background. At this point it wouldn’t be weird at all to find a song like HOT CITY NIGHTS and BIGFOOT ACCELERATOR with a Motorhead song next to a punk anthem like GET SOME, total New Bomb Turks sound or to a couple of hardcore cuts like NO WAY OUT and RAT RACE that remind me of Slapshot. Definitely an interesting and very entertaining record for these rock n’ roll working class heroes and I'm looking forward to seeing them soon  or maybe sharing the stage once again. In the mean time, I'll crank it up in my car stereo on my way to work, as much as I can, just to remind everybody that the 90’s are history and that we have ass kicking bands in this town once again. - 6/7 - SeawolfDee


Do you feel tired, bored and stressed after a day of hard work? No better way to feel better than putting into your car stereo, ipod orwhatever device you prefer this ass kickin' CdEP! These three guys from Trieste (ITALY) play a loud, sweaty and mean speed punk hardcore! MAINLINE opens the game, with a monolithic riff that reminds me of Zeke's Death Alley. The singing cuts the sound barrier rough and powerful, the drummer beats the tempo like a hammer. BAGS OF PLATITUDE, the second track follows the first song in the same, fast and heavy territory.

The third track, CITY OF THE DEAD, is my favorite. Here you can catch some Stoner rock influences, corrupted by a black halo of darkness, this is the right song at the right time! After 4 minutes, this mean machine restarts, full speed ahead, with their speed rock formula with THE LION'S SHARE and SATAN'S PRIEST, heavily influenced by Corrosion of Conformity middle era. The grand finale is BLACK RIVER, a perfect mix of hardcore tempo juiced with a 90’s mosh feel, where the band shows a good attitude to the progressive variation on the theme. Very good first impression. Definitely waiting for a long distance record. We only say three words: GRAB A COPY! You won't be disappointed. - 5/7 - Redrum


I’m pretty sure that when you think about Italy, Rock n’Roll is not the first thing that comes to your mind, but that’s about to change believe me. Lately an army of new bands are coming out of the Old Boot and some are quite good too. One of the best  for sure is KING MASTINO and with their new release WE REFUSE TO SINK, they just proved they have the chops to be in the elite of European top bands. For all of you that don’t know this band let me introduce you to their sound; take The Ramones, The Stooges, The Hellacopters, Gluecifer and a little bit of AC/DC, shake it up and serve ice cold, like a sweet tea vodka on a sunny afternoon, and you’ll get what these four sailors are capable of. The record starts with a foot stomping intro WE ARE BORN that is basically the band’s manifesto. It explains what this Dock ‘n’Roll sound that they invented is all about. The intro goes straight into AIN’T NOTHING TO FADE, in my opinion the best track on the record, unless you have the vinyl version that has an extra song BUCCANEERS AND WHALES. In that case you’ll have the two best songs. But the entire album in its entirety flows perfectly and there are no low points at all. Like I said, these new Italian bands are proving that they all know what they are doing and very soon they will dominate the European scene like Scandinavian bands did in the 90’s. Mark my words. The American label Strange Music Records just released WE REFUSE TO SINK on vinyl for the American market and there are rumors about KING MASTINO planning their first US tour in the near future so be prepared to witness some of their magic once their ship docks in a port near you. - 6/7 - DarioBai


I have to be honest with you guys; my expectations about this record were really, really low especially after a first glance at the cover artwork. Do we really need another lighting bolt on a black background ( I'll give them some credit for the leather pattern though ) and super lame font for the band logo? I don’t think so but, since I've always loved this band, I decided to give it a try and I have to say that I'm happy I did. I was starting to lose hope after FROM HELL TO TEXAS but this record puts our favorite rednecks back on the map with a bang! The sound is pure Nashville Pussy style, hard rock riffs and flaming solos, nasty lyrics and catchy chorus. Songs like THE SOUTH’S TOO FAT TO RISE AGAIN and PILLBILLY BLUES are, without a doubt, among their best work ever and PUSSY IS NOT A DIRTY WORD is an instant classic. I’d like to mention also the short TAKING  IT EASY with Miss Ruyter Suys on vocals that definitely crosses the borders of those heavy metal territories  that they often like to explore. Also the fried chicken flavored  HOORAY FOR COCAINE, HOORAY FOR TENNESSEE, for all you white trash fanatics out there, is pretty close to be the perfect hillbilly anthem. A must have. - 6/7 - DarioBai


This is Alessio’s ( from KING MASTINO ) side project and it’s not what you’d expect from him, if you know his other band. But he doesn’t care what we think so he got together with a couple of friends of his and gave us some fine Garage rock with a lot of Fuzz, Theremin and Hammond organ that reminds me of THE LORDS OF ALTAMON and THE FUZZTONES but with a modern twist a la MURDER CITY DEVILS if I’m allowed to say so. 9 songs that cut straight to the chase and don’t try to foul you with tricks and gimmicks. I’ve found myself pleasantly surprised and from MY GIRL PLAYS WITH DWARVES to QUINCY THE PRIEST is all a big party and Mr. Magoo will definitely make your ass shake! I’m pretty sure this cd is already sold out but you can go to their bandcamp page and get the digital version of the record. - 5/7 - DarioBai


Well, what can i say about this band? Nothing more than "They did it again!”. It’s so fucking easy for me to write about their albums, singles,ep,split and so on.

Almost 20 years on the road through Europe. Almost 20 years writing great songs, like only the bravest can do. 7 songs without breath, everything sounds perfect. The harmonies of this album catch you right from the start; HUMMING ON THE WAY HOME is the welcome that puts you in the SEWERWORLD. ROCK AND ROLL SOUL and EATING MY HEART OUT are the right example of what a good garage rock tune needs to have: a great guitar riff, a catchy chorus, a great arrangement, great harmony between the instruments. LANDING ON EARTH TODAY is simply a masterpiece, the perfect backing vocal loop adds a sweet 70’s touch to the heading boogie riff.
The album goes on with WHO LED YOU and PRETTY LITTLE GIRL, two songs that all the
SEWERGROOVES fans should love for their easy listening, unfortunately we are already at the end, not before the last attack with a weird but original OUTRO. Ghost Highway Recordings and Pitchshark Records made a great job with the packaging and we can only say congratulations to them for this release. Big up as always for the four Swedish boogie rock’n roll Masters!  - 6/7 - Redrum


Combine 5 skate punks with a lot of alcohol, endless sessions at the local skate park, thousands of miles on the road and a true and deep passion for Death Punk and Rock n’Roll and what you end up with is this band: THE BROKENDOLLS and this album: WOLVES AMONG SHEEP. Speed rock at its finest with TURBONEGRO, PETERPAN SPEED ROCK, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN and THE DWARVES as models and mentors. This is the third full length for this crew of filthy pirates and I can tell from the start that they fine tuned their weapons by a lot. First release with Casey (of Thee S.T.P. another great Italian rock band that y’all should know or check out, right now!) as co-song writer and co-lead guitarist splitting duties with the great Nino. They are famous all over Europe for two things, their incendiary live shows where their singer, ROS the BOSS, ends up naked every single time and, their love for beer and trouble. These songs are not a gimmick. They are true stories of real life and they narrate  how life on the road is for five, true ‘til death, rocknrollers. Give’em a try, satisfaction guaranteed. - 5/7 - DarioBai


Debut release for this new Seattle band and they couldn’t have done a better job than this three song EP. After DRAGSTRIP RIOT sadly called it quits last summer, Knuck and Danny  ( Vocals/Guitar and Drums ) jumped back on the horse right away, made some phone calls to recruit new blood to start a new project, and when I say new I mean unexpected, a blues band. Henry (bass, he also plays in The Shivering Denizens and Redneck Girlfriend) and Rooster ( Harmonica ) answered the call and the four of them started jamming and writing new material immediately and after only six months they came up with enough songs for live shows and a quick recording and three cuts out of that session are the ones you’ll find on this EP. GLORY is the bridge between the past and the present sounding like a new and improved DSR song but with the harmonica to set the mood on what’s up next. BETTER THINGS is definitely in that new territory that this 4 blues men wanna take us to, with a cool soul feeling paired with a bluesy riff. the cdEP ends with REMEMBER ROMANCE, a great up tempo number that leaves you wanting for more and I'm pretty sure we will get some new tunes in the very near future . Good stuff here, keep them in the loop. - 5/7 -  DarioBai


I am a big fan of this band. There’s no question about it and that’s why I want you to become one too. I’ve discovered MÄRVEL not long ago, and I must admit that I have to thank Spotify for this. ( yes, it looks like sometimes new technologies are indeed useful, even for an old time rocker like myself) I was there in my office, working on some random design project, when my “Hellacopters Station” played BEATEN PATH from their old record WAR HAWKS OF WAR and my brain froze for a second and I couldn’t go back to work. I felt like I had found the Holy Grail or something and my mission now was to spread the word around the globe of how damn good they are. There’s only one way to put it; MÄRVEL are a modern days KISS, period. Not exactly for where their sound is concerned, but it feels like the new record put out from these three masked Swedish rock outcasts, HADAL ZONE EXPRESS, could have been written back in 1975 and than set aside until the world was in need of a new great Rock album and the band came back from nowhere to record it and deliver it. Great riffs, well written solos and catchy lyrics make this album one of the best productions of 2014 so far. There’s no question about it; This band is the new Scandinavian sensation and songs like DEAD ROCK AND ROLLER and DANISH RUSH are here to prove it. They just toured all over northern Europe as opening act for ISE and the audience went nuts and I don’t really blame them. Looking forward to a US tour someday, but in the meantime I'll keep their records in loop as much as I can. - 7/7 -  Seawolf Dee


The start of 2014 was rough for local original rock and roll. A handful of bands played their final shows and left us to a sea of tribute bands. It was a bit depressing for this rock fan. Then I had a chance to play a show with some friends that I've been wanting to play with for a long time: The Demolition Kings. These guys kick ass, seriously. I bought a bunch of merch at our show and for the past week I've been listening to their debut album . Over and over and over. It's a big, fat rock and roll record that recalls the glory days of Glam (Hanoi Rocks) and Punk (Dead Boys). It was recorded at Big Sound Studios in Seattle and produced by the band and Steve Jones. I'm told it was recorded the old school way; mostly live to tape and you can tell by listening to the opening track, "Rats" that they captured the live energy perfectly. You feel like you're listening to a show in a divey club in the Bowery or on the Sunset Strip. This is definitely a guitar record. The duo guitars of Spot Mandeux and Sean Burnell are my favorite part of this record. Big tone and tasteful, trashy riffs. I've been a fan of their singer, David B. Eronemo since his days in BETTY FORD FALCONS and his gritty vocals are a perfect match to the overall vibe of this record. The tight and driving drumming of Mike Ditmore ties it all together. But the best part of the record is the overall strength of the songs. Tracks like ORIGINAL CREEPER and SHE LOOKS LIKE can be put in regular rotation on rock radio right now. Some thought was put into these and the lyrics can go from dark and desperate to wryly humorous. For my friends that like their rock and roll brash and trashy with a big middle finger in your face, go buy this record. Do it now. - 6/7 -Thunders


TYTUS is a powerful and strong name. TYTUS is also a powerful and strong band. I don’t wanna talk too much about TYTUS' line up, yes the same line up of the now defunct GONZALES, and we all know that they were the best Italian high-energy rock n’ roll band, but  that was the past. TYTUS is the present and TYTUS will most definitely be the future! A new beginning for these five fellas and they have no intention to waste time looking back. I can say that we are already in the presence of the best modern day Italian heavy metal band, hands down. All you headbangers out there must have this vinyl, for at least a million different reasons but I'm just gonna tell you three. First reason: The songs. NEW DAWN’S EVE is a perfect heavy metal suite where the complete essence of the band can be captured in just one cut. Progressive guitar riffs enforced by power chords and solos that will make all of you Iron Maiden junkies out there cream your pants, a tight and strong rhythm section and clean, cool, smooth vocals all perfectly  mixed together. The end of this number pays tribute to space rock a la Hawkind and Ozric Tentacles. Simply brilliant! The Title track WHITE LINES is even better! Great vocal harmonies here and believe me when i say that this song will get stuck in your brain for a very long time. Everything is perfect also in the instrumental department and the melodic guitar riffs don't take away the power and the heavy sound of the song. Second reason: The artwork! THUNDERBEARD strikes again with another killer cover, a Blast! Check them out. You’ll hear this name often on this channel! Third reason: The labels and the packaging. These three independent record labels are a recipe for success, and they joined forces to offer you the best product ever with three different artwork and vinyl color option. Hurry up and pre-order this heavy metal pearl, now!  - 7/7 - Redrum



These are not new records by any stretch of the imagination. We just like them and we would like you to check em out too.

Mc5 - 1965-1968
(Get Back)

Obscure compilation of early material from their teenage years spent playing at every highschool ball in the greater Detroit area and even if the quality is bad, I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with the selection of covers that the Motor City Five were playing at that point. There are some very cool surprises like William’s  BABY PLEASE DON’T GO,

a primitive instrumental slower version of LOOKING AT YOU whith Rob Tyner on Harmonica and their anthem BLACK TO COMM that, like Wayne Kramer likes to say,  would clear a room in just a second and that never got properly recorded. This is the very first original song that they have ever written and even if very rough it will give you a clear idea about the direction the band wanted to follow since the beginning. If you are a die hard Mc5 fanatic, like myself, you definitely wanna get this, not hard to find, record. If you think you can live without it, all you have to know is that you can have an idea about how these songs sounded just by watching the beginning of A TRUE TESTIMONIAL. A big round of applause goes to Get Back! Records, a small and obscure Italian record label specializing in re-issues, that in collaboration with  Easy Action Recordings, decided to  dust off this number and give us a chance to witness the band’s early days down in Mrs Kramer’s basement. - 6/7 - Seawolf Dee


This testimonial, released almost 30 years after its original recording ( the master was a Maxell C-90 cassette or at least that’s what the legend says ), is very important to me for two simple reasons. First of all, it’s one of the rare recordings that we have of this incredible band, gone too fast, too soon and before they could reach any sort of recognition by the music industry. And second, this is the live recording of the show they played at the Masonic Auditorium in Detroit in 1978, opening for the Ramones (their first Detroit show ever). So it’s basically a double Bingo for me! There are only 7 songs on this LP/CD. 36 minutes of pure Rock n’Roll genius stating that, yes the Mc5 and The Stooges were gone but, there was a new sheriff in town and things were about to get serious again (at least this is what they thought at the time). Alive! Records put out this gem in 2007 and you can still find it on cd or vinyl at a reasonable price almost everywhere so, do yourself a favor and track it down. On a sad note, it is while a write this review that I read the news about Scott  Asheton passing and it broke my heart. So long Rock Action, you’ll be missed! - 5/7 - DarioBai


You have no idea how happy I am that i’ve found a copy of this cd. I saw SUNDAY NIGHT BLACKOUT playing live only once, opening for Hell’s Bells at the Tractor one hot summer night of 2009 and that happened randomly. My friend Kim bought me a ticket for that show as a present for my birthday, my first ever birthday since I moved to the US of A,  and boy I'm glad we went. It was a solid 30 minutes set of straight forward Rock n’Roll like they do in Scandinavia and frankly it was surprising to see such a band here in Seattle, for this naive Italian boy just recently moved here, still the land of Grunge. They disbanded pretty soon after that very show and sincerely I’ve never thought about them until two months ago when I saw a picture of this cd online and I tried to figure out how to acquire one. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that the new drummer in my band, Simona, was actually their drummer. I arranged a delivery of a copy of this cd because I wanted to talk about them since they really impressed me at the time and there are not that many bands like this around anymore. I know what you are thinking now:

“ But what about the cd, man?” Well, I like it. They remind me of Gluecifer a lot. Solid riffs, raspy voice that becomes totally melodic at the right moment. Great arrangements and killer guitar tone. Too bad they ended their career so soon and only after one record. - 5/7 - Seawolf Dee

Let’s finally talk about one of Seattle’s own bands that, together with The Murder City Devils and Zeke, made Rock n’Roll great once again back in the late ‘90s. I found this record in the used bin at “Single Gone Steady” and decided to buy it for two reasons. A) It was only 5 bucks. And B) The cover artwork is an homage to Mc5’s Kick out the Jams ( and so is the title, kinda) but the music is not and even if that disappointed me a little at the beginnig, I have to say that at the end It really did not.  This is a good Punk n’Roll record and if you like bands like Nine Pound Hammer you know what I'm talking about and you probably own this one already.  On a side note, I have to confess that I’ve always been curious about this band and never had a chance to check ‘em out but now I'm really glad I did and I'll try to track down all their releases. Also, they are actually the reason why I’ve decided to start this blast from the past reviews section. Sometimes it’s good to look at the past, realized you missed something and that you can fix it just by walking in your favorite record store. - 5/7 - Seawolf Dee

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