Here's something new for Y'all.
Another thing I wanted to do with this 'zine was to - continuing the tradition that magazines like Gearhead started - release some music ( series of 7" or CD compilations ) but there are not enough hours in a day and I don't have enough hands ( only two?? Looser!) it will happen eventually, but for now, what I was thinking about doing was simply to make mock compilations. What's that? Simple. I'll pretend I actually released a CD with a song for each band that got reviewed and I'll link to their name and song title a you tube video or a bandcamp/soundcloud account so that you A) can listen to some new bands right here and B) support the bands you like by buying music or merch directly from them. Does this make any sense? I Hope so. Now enjoy some new tunes and support Rock n'Roll.


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