Monday, April 24, 2017

Issue #5 online

We finally uploaded all the material of what would have been the fifth printed issue of City Slang 'Zine. We decided to not print it and we are also taking a break BUT we wanted eveeyone to enjoy what we did so far so don't be shy and take a look interviews with TYTUS and THE STUNTMEN, new Columns and reviews...

short thank you list.
Matt Hutchinson for being a supporter always, Mike Mindless and Dorothy for delivering the goods, Carey at Savage Magic Records for being to only one willing to pay for an ad, Teddy from Spaghetty Records for putting out good shit, Thee Perfect Gentlemen and Piston Ready crew, La Verde Brianza that is always in my thoughts no matter what, my lovely wife for all the support and advises, YOU for taking a little of your time to go through the runts of this old fart.

here's the ad from SAVAGE MAGIC RECORDS