Sunday, January 17, 2016


by SeawolfDee

What happens when you decide to start your tiny rock ‘zine? Easy! your mail boxes, both the metal one outside of your door and the virtual one, get flooded by a Gigaton of records and press kits. Way more than the amount you need or want for your next issue for sure, but I'm definitely not gonna complain about too many free records! You wish you have time and space for all these new releases and what do you do? Do you just pile them under your desk hoping they’d go away? Nope. You start a new column in which you briefly talk about all the new records, bands, record labels that didn’t make it to the review section. That’s exactly what you are reading now because they deserve some attention just to repay them for their efforts. So let’s cut to the chase and start directly from: 

EUROPE: We start this section with some bad news. After 20 years Peterpan Speedrock decided to call it a day and 2016 will be their last year together. A farewell tour, with dates in Japan and Europe, has already been planned and you can find more detail on their official website. Reverend Backflash from Germany just released a new 7” that arrived after we closed this issue’s interviews but we had time to take a listen to it anyway and we have to say that it rips! If you like, first class garage rock and the sound of LA bands from the ‘80s, but with extra balls, this record is for you. The Manges, Punk Rock Veterans from Italy, just released their new EP “Florida” and if you look online you’ll find the video for the first single “Cartoon Democracy” where you can admire your favorite publisher in all his glory. The news that got everyone super exited this past winter is that The Hellacopters are reuniting for one off show to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Super Shitty To The Max.” This is the first time that the original line up plays together since 1998. You can follow the development of this story on their official FB page. The guys are practing and looking pretty good. Have you start saving for your ticket to Sweden yet? Easy Action Records from the UK  released a re-mastered and edited (with a bunch of juicy extras too) version of the first two LPs from The Hydromatics. For now only “Powerglide (High Octane Version)” is available but the second one, “Dangerous (The SRB songs)” should be out soon. City Slang’s favorite German band Sonic Beat Explosion is back after a break and they will release a new record in 2016. Stay tuned because if the new record is half as good as the first one these guys could make it big this time. The Brokendolls are in the studio right now working on “Carillon Infernale” their new 6 song EP that will be out by the end of the year.
PACIFIC NORTH WEST: After a short hiatus The Demolition Kings are back in action with a new singer, ready to hit the stage, and the studio. Guns of Nevada signed with Pig Records and after a quick change of line up, Spike Shattuch is now on bass guitar, they entered Orbit Audio studio and they will be soon ready to announce a release date for their new record. Piston Ready is in the studio now to finish mixing they first full album with Jack Endino. The Starjays just finished tracking their record “Bang!” that will be out on Rhythm Bomb Records, just in time for their performance in Vegas for the VLV weekender next April. The wait is over; Zeke are scheduled to enter Witchape Studio, with Tad on the console board, on Feb 15th to record their new album. No release date set yet.
THE REST OF THE UNION: City Slang from Chicago just recorded some tracks and we were lucky enough to hear some advanced demo version and believe us when we say your are in for a treat. How could we not like them with a name like that, right? more news soon. Another new release is coming from the windy city. Photograph, new super group with members of The Last Vegas, Black Actress, Urge Overkill released their new single “Save Me”. For fans of Thin Lizzy, The Replacements and tasty and classy rock.
REST OF THE WORLD: A bunch of new bands on the horizon from all four corners of the planet and I will definitely start with couple of new bands from Montreal Canada; The Sangomas just released their latest full length called “Giddyup & Destroy”. Pure Rock ‘n’Roll in your face with their heart definitely devided between Detroit and Stockholm. The Sick Things, new compo from the same town that shares members with the a-formentioned band, just released “We Got It Figured It Out”, a three song demo that sweats Detroit sound from every pore. Extremely recommended to fans of SRB and Thin Lizzy.

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