Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do you want a printed copy?

Ok, now that everything is uploaded and triple checked and it looks good, it bums me out we can't print it so I came up with this idea, and remember I'm gonna make zero money out of this but what the hell. I'll print copies for people that wants them ( and it's gonna cost way more than ordering in bulk like 200/300 of them.) 
The price includes shipping and there are a couple of options.

Package one: $12 for one printed copy of CS #4 ( shipping included )

Package two: $18 for one printed copy of CS #4 and a City Slang T-shirt (M/L/XL available shipping included.

Package three: $30 for 5 copies of the zine (free shipping)
All orders will include free buttons and stickers.

This is a US deal only. For orders and paypal payment:

For Europe is gonna be a little bit more expensive.
Package one: $15 - Package two: $20 - Package three $45

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