Sunday, May 31, 2015

City Slang #3

...We Are Ready...

CAPTAIN'S LOG: Third issue. Who would have thought that this little dream of mine would have lasted this long? No, don’t worry. I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon. I’m just stating the fact that I'm pleased on how everything turned out for the first two issues and, knowing that people from all over the world care about what this old fart has to say, it warms my wrinkly heart. First of all, If you looked at page three, you probably noticed that the number of collaborators improved exponentially and I thank you all for payin’ attention to my last Captain’s Log and answering the call. But I gotta be honest; this issue has been hard to pull together. Not complaining about the, strongly solicited but un-expected, help at all but it comes with the territory that the more heads involved, the more mouth are gonna talk. The aspect that saddened me the most was the staggering number of people that bailed out at the last minute or simply just dropped from the face of the earth after swearing on (put here your most sacred book or most precious album) that they’d deliver. They obviously didn’t. Lesson learned. But lest’s move on to better topics, shall we? So many great records came out in the last six months, especially from our local scene, and we did our best to review as many as possible. More exiting news! The Funhouse is back! Its was so weird to have paid tribute to them on the last issue, if you noticed the details in the cover artwork, as one of the fallen clubs and have them back with an interview to the owners to celebrate their new adventure in a new location! Ah! We love happy endings...anyway...It looks like Rock is slowly coming back in Seattle after a very dark couple of years. Almost every active band is putting out new material in 2015, including the frikkin’ Sonics (can you believe that?) and a bunch of bands that were on a hiatus are slowing getting back on track. Now tell me again Rock ‘n’Roll is dead! But for sure, as my friend Earle noticed, is aging. This was actually a very interesting topic. Are there any true new Rock ‘n’ Roll acts out there? I mean, new blood? If you think about it, the “new” bands are all formed by veterans and I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the groups that have kids in them. Is this the same everywhere? Are we really the last generation that believes in the power of the electric guitar? Not in Europe though! I've been contacted by so many new European bands lately it almost left me speechless. To quote Earle again “They like their rock in Europe”. You can bet your ass they do! But we are not hopeless here. If they only stop playing all those pointless, super fast, metal scales and focus on writing epic riffs, the situation would be definitely better. But we are getting there and I’m ready to bet on an all new generation of rockers that will stomp of those stages soon. In the meantime, if we can find our walkers, we will keep them entertained.